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    Thursday, February 2, 2023

    Using AI Generated Art for AOP Designs Good Idea or not?

    If you are reading this article, then there is probability that you are one among those who are eager to know if wonder AI art generators will be a useful tool for print on demand or not. Although many designers still have doubts about scaling up images and removing background to use on their projects online for fear of copyright infringement, hence this article would try to address the issue on whether it is okay to use AI art generators to make AOP designs for your POD project or not. 


    AI art generators


    So What is AI Art Generators?

    An AI art generator is a software that is capable of generating or automatically creating images using artificial intelligence. The technology used here could be either text to image or image to image, which creates artwork through imagination. It is a recent development to improve artwork using intelligent computer algorithm to create a piece of artwork through imagination. If have existing software like furry ai art generators and wonder ai art generator as good examples.


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    The Debate About Artificial Intelligence Program

    It is a big claim on the internet that, generative AI is beginning to influence lifestyles and human thoughts. There are dozens of categories to which prompted output is targeted and art is one of them. The debate on whether AI art generator are copyright free and can be used for commercial purposes brought up many arguments. Joe Michael said that, you should be careful with AI generated art. Since AI art bots are trained using pieces from human artists, the ethics of it in regard to copyright is currently a hot button issue among the artistic community. It is a new frontier with issues we have never seen before. That is why we have Midjourney already sued and there is an ongoing court case about the copyright and plagiarism issues. 

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    So Can I Use AI Generated Arts for my AOP Designs?

    I would only recommend using AI art generator if you have the skills to post-edit heavily in another program. Also you would need a costly monthly subscription to access private mode so that others cannot publicly see your designs on the MJ website if you are using MJ to generate arts or any of the AI art generator software you used. At the end of the day, hiring designers will produce better quality work for your portfolio. I use AI art as a hobby, to look for abstract ideas to reposition my designs, but the more I do, the more I notice its flaws and weaknesses. AI art is very easy to spot and there is a lot of negative attitudes against AI art in the art community. It has limitations on potential issues although I have nothing against its usage. I cannot as well point out to you which particular AI art generator does the best job. 

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    However, if you are really good in tweaking and editing images to look unique and attractive, then you can use AI art generated images to do all over printing on your products. But make sure you edit the designs in other to avoid potential copyright issues. 


    Best AI Art Generators you can use for your AOP Designs.

    There are really no best AI art generators to point out among the rest; however, individual experience will point out which of the AI art generator is worth using either free or paid. From my review, a few of this artificial intelligence software I could recommend includes, Nightcafe, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, here you have more control over the actual design than other AI art generated platform, Dalle-E2, Aiseo.ai, Jasper, Fotor, Lexica, Novel, Canva also has a free AI art generator etc. For first time practical purpose, I would recommend you go with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, which are currently the best I have seen. 


    So Is Using AI to Generate Art for AOP Designs a Good or Bad Idea? 

    Using Artificial Intelligence art generators to create imaginative images for all over print designs for your POD business is never a bad idea. However, it is important to note that, using these images without retouching or re-editing them could lead to copyright infringements and multiple copyright strikes on your store and you wouldn’t want that. Using AI art generator is a good idea if you can edit each generated images to look unique and creative. I hope this blog article helps?

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