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    Wednesday, August 31, 2022

    Why it is Better to Sell on Etsy Marketplace than Redbubble

    Selling your arts designs on either Etsy marketplace or Redbubble website can be very challenging as a beginner. Most times, you find it difficult choosing which print on demand platform to start from and market your designs to earn passive income. Learning from successful POD sellers online is the best way to go if you really want to be successful with POD business. So are you one of the newbies looking for which better POD platform to start with but do not know which one to choose between Redbubble and Etsy marketplace? Then continue reading because I am about to give you a review from personal experiences on which of the website you can easily start with and make your first sales. Print on demand is surely a profitable online business if you actually follow the right steps to start and manage your store. But as a beginner, there are some dos and don’ts you must have to follow or avoid in other to get a good result with your online store. 


    sell on etsy and redbubble

    If you are looking to start your print on demand business from scratch and build a good marketing strategy around your store, you must have to consider which platform is better to choose. Here I will give you comparative details on which of the platform to choose base on feedback from our Facebook paid group members. Some of the questions inquired by our readers from the paid group are answered properly in this article for simple comparison.


    What is Redbubble?

    Redbubble is an online marketplace that allows independent artists and designers to sell their artwork, designs, and products to customers worldwide. Artists can upload their artwork onto the platform, and customers can purchase a variety of products, including clothing, phone cases, stickers, home decor, and more, featuring the artist's designs. Redbubble handles the production, shipping, and customer service for these products, allowing artists to focus on creating and promoting their work. Redbubble also offers a community for artists to connect, collaborate, and gain exposure for their work. It is a nice online marketplace to be if you are great in artist designs and sales.


    What is Etsy?

    Etsy is an e-commerce website that specializes in handmade, vintage, and unique items. The website features a marketplace where individual sellers, small businesses, and artisans can sell their handmade and vintage goods, as well as craft supplies and unique factory-manufactured items. Etsy is known for its focus on personalized and unique products, with sellers often offering custom-made items or one-of-a-kind pieces. Buyers can browse products by category, location, or theme, and can also communicate with sellers directly to request custom orders or to ask questions about the product. Etsy also offers various tools and resources to help sellers manage their shops and grow their businesses, including analytics, marketing tools, and educational resources.


    What is good about Redbubble?

    One of the most important pros of Redbubble is that, it is easy to fit your art designs on all products listed on the market place. Once you upload your art design in jpg format, you do not need to tweak it on products. Redbubble will suitably fit the art on all the products you selected. It is very easy and simple. Redbubble has a global audience you can sell your arts printed on high quality products and tshirts too.


    Is it Better to Sell on Etsy or Redbubble?


    The choice between selling on Etsy or Redbubble depends on a variety of factors, including the type of products you sell, your target audience, and your personal preferences. Etsy is generally better suited for selling handmade and vintage items, as well as craft supplies and unique factory-manufactured items. If you are an independent artist or maker looking to sell your one-of-a-kind or custom-made products, Etsy might be a good fit for you. Etsy also has a large and loyal customer base that is interested in personalized and unique products, so if your products fit that description, you may find success on the platform.

    Redbubble, on the other hand, is better suited for selling artwork and designs that can be printed on a variety of products, such as clothing, phone cases, and home decor. If you are an artist or designer looking to sell your designs on a wide range of products, Redbubble might be a good fit for you. Redbubble also has a large and international customer base that is interested in unique and creative designs, so if your designs are eye-catching and original, you may find success on the platform.

    Ultimately, the decision between Etsy and Redbubble comes down to your personal goals and the type of products you are selling. You may even choose to sell on both platforms to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success. This is possible because a lot of people who adopt this process achieve success in the long run. You have to be very good at what you offer.


    So is it worth it to sell on Redbubble?

    Redbubble is a good way to make money with your art designs provided you know how to find what is trending and how to design a good-looking art that will sell to your audience. You also need to have to sizable fan base on your niche to make marketing a bit easier. Unless if you would want to pay to advertise your product. Having a large fan base around you niche is one of the easier ways to sell your arts quickly to them using Redbubble so you should consider building your fan base now if you plan to use Redbubble in future.


    Is Redbubble good for Artist?

    Yes sure, Redbubble is save and good for artist who are gifted with designing skills. If you are a creative or illusion artist and good in graphic designing, you can sell your art printed on high quality products to people globally. Although you do not really need to be a good designer to start selling your designs on Redbubble. You could outsource your designs or just use good writing fonts to make a caption or quote that pulls attention. Just follow what people are looking for and make an attractive design to sell. Redbubble has quite a large audience and visitors searching for arts to buy on the website. Once the art is fitted on the product they want to buy, then they will surely spend to get it.


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    These are few of the good reviews we have for Redbubble which you must consider before selling your artwork on their platform. Build a good number of fan base around your niche, search for what is trending, make an attractive design and upload on Redbubble. Select your desire products and advertise to your fan base. Just be consistent and you will see great results. So over to selling on Etsy marketplace platform.


    Is it worth it to sell on Etsy Marketplace?

    Etsy is growing to be one of the best POD platform for both sellers and buyers online. It is regarded among the most popular print on demand marketplace on the internet. If you are looking to start a brand and grow it with something unique to offer, then Etsy is surely a place to be. Just make sure you scale up the price of your products to cover your cost and get a little profit, and then you are good to go. You may need a business license to sell on etsy especially if you are concern about trust and planning to grow your brand in the States. Although it is not necessary to have a license before you start selling on etsy. But having one will surely boost your authority.


    How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

    You will be charged $0.20 to publish a listing on etsy marketplace. Then you pay 6.5% transaction fee with shipping price inclusive, once an item is sold. A listing last for 4 months or when the item is sold off. Whichever comes first.


    Can I Sell the Same thing on Etsy and Redbubble?


    Yes, you can sell the same thing on both Etsy and Redbubble, as long as you have the rights to the designs or products you are selling. However, it is important to keep in mind that each platform has its own unique audience and user experience, so you may want to tailor your listings and marketing strategies to each platform accordingly. For example, if you are selling the same design on both platforms, you may want to consider offering different types of products on each platform to appeal to the specific audience of each platform. You might also want to adjust your pricing, shipping, and other policies to accommodate the different fees and requirements of each platform.


    Additionally, it is important to read and follow the terms of service and policies of both Etsy and Redbubble to ensure that you are not violating any rules or regulations. In general, both platforms have guidelines for intellectual property and copyright infringement, so make sure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to sell the products you are offering on both platforms.


    So our Verdict Selling on Etsy and Selling on Redbubble

    Based on reviews collected form individual experiences, we will advise that, if you have zero fan base but want to get results quickly with your print on demand business, then you should consider selling your design products on etsy marketplace. Do not waste your time with Redbubble. I opened a redbubble shop and could not even find my own products by search the keywords. I guess it has to take a long period of time for my store to start appearing on their search result. And also the quality of the final products are usually a disappointment when I asked some of my friends to order my products to support my shop. The products they received was low quality compared with the price. 


    On the other hand, with Etsy and Etsy Ad, using the right keywords and titles, your listings have a pretty good chance of appearing on their store when searched. I will definitely advice you go with etsy platform to build your store because it is preferable.


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    Etsy is good in my opinion because you get natural traffic from people browsing in its open marketplace. They also have an advert campaign which you can opt in for that only charges you if customers click on it so if you do not get sales the first time, you will get brand recognition which increases the sale probability if they see your ads again in future. Nevertheless, if something positive comes out of selling our products on redbubble, we will surely update you guys too.

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