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    Friday, November 24, 2023

    How to Find Best Black Friday Deals

    The excitement surrounding Black Friday is palpable every year as shoppers gear up to snag the best deals and discounts. For savvy consumers, navigating the Black Friday landscape is an art form, requiring strategic planning and a keen eye for the best bargains. In this article, we will explore the two crucial aspects of Black Friday shopping, what people generally asked about black Friday deals and how to get the black Friday deals effectively. Two important questions asked by our blog readers was ‘when do Black Friday deals start’, and ‘what exclusive offers can you find at Walmart’? 

    best black friday deals

    So below you will find answers to your questions at least for those who are yet to know about black Friday, here is an info on how to take advantage of this good opportunity.

    What is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is an unofficial holiday in the United States celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving. It is traditionally considered the start of the Christmas shopping season, and many stores offer highly promoted sales and discounts on a wide range of merchandise. The name "Black Friday" is believed to have originated from the practice of retailers using black ink to record profits, as opposed to the red ink used to record losses.

    Although, the exact origin of Black Friday is uncertain, but it is believed according to hindustantimes.com to have originated in Philadelphia in the 1950s. The term was first used in print in 1961, and it quickly became associated with the day after Thanksgiving. In the 1970s and 1980s, Black Friday began to attract national attention with some controversy in terms of marketing from retailers, and then it became one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Despite the controversy, Black Friday remains a popular event for many Americans and worldwide. It is a day to find great deals on holiday gifts, and it is often seen as a time to kick off the holiday season.

    When Do Black Friday Deals Start?

    Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. However, in recent years, the trend has shifted towards earlier and extended deals, making it crucial for shoppers to stay informed.

    Early Bird Catches the Worm

    Black Friday deals are no longer confined to a single day. Retailers have embraced the concept of "Black Friday Week" or even "Black November," offering enticing discounts well before the official day. Keep an eye on retailers' announcements, as many unveil early bird deals to attract eager shoppers.

    Thanksgiving Day Deals

    In an effort to gain a competitive edge, numerous stores open their doors on Thanksgiving Day itself. Online retailers also launch exclusive deals on their websites during this time. While this has sparked debates about the commercialization of holidays, it provides an opportunity for early birds to snatch up some incredible deals.

    Cyber Monday Extensions

    The Monday following Black Friday, known as Cyber Monday, is traditionally associated with online deals. However, many retailers extend their online discounts beyond Monday, creating a week long shopping extravaganza. Do not neglect the days after Black Friday; you might stumble upon hidden gems as retailers try to clear out remaining stock.

    Walmart Black Friday Deals

    Walmart, one of the retail giants, is renowned for its Black Friday discounts. The megastore offers a wide array of products, from electronics to household items, and understanding their Black Friday strategy can help you make the most of your shopping experience. Walmart often kicks off the Black Friday festivities with early online deals. These deals can emerge days or even weeks before the official Black Friday date. Keep a close watch on Walmart's website and subscribe to their newsletters to receive notifications about these early discounts.

    Walmart is famous for its in-store door busters – deeply discounted items available in limited quantities. To secure these deals, consider arriving at your local Walmart early, as these door busters are often snapped up within minutes. Make a shopping list beforehand to stay focused and avoid getting caught up in the shopping frenzy.

    Online Exclusive Offers

    Walmart extends its Black Friday deals to its online platform, providing an excellent option for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes. Be sure to check Walmart's website regularly for online exclusive offers, and keep an eye out for free shipping promotions to maximize your savings.

    Price Matching Policy

    Walmart's price matching policy is a valuable tool for Black Friday shoppers. If you find a product at a lower price in a competitor's ad, Walmart may match that price, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of shopping at Walmart without sacrificing the best deal. However, you need to be smart and careful, for some black Friday deals are not just right. The original price is maintained while the discounted price is inflated to make you think you are buying at a cheap price. You will have to compare the black Friday deal price with its original price before you put in your credit card details.


    As Black Friday approaches, understanding the distinctions of when deals start and where to find them is crucial for scoring the best discounts. Whether you choose to brave the crowds for in-store door busters or prefer the convenience of online shopping, being well informed about Black Friday strategies can help you make the most of this shopping extravaganza. Keep an eye on early deals, plan your Walmart visit strategically, and you might just unlock the secrets to finding the best Black Friday deals this year. Happy shopping!

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