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    Friday, December 29, 2023

    Open a USD Virtual Bank Account to receive payment for your Business easily

    This blog post will show you how to open a USD virtual bank account from any part of the world, save your money in USD to beat against inflation at no cost. If you run an online business that requires receiving money in foreign currency, then you definitely need a valid US bank account to operate your business comfortably.


    Open USD virtual bank account

    Keep reading the article below to know how to do it.

    How to Create a USD Bank Account and Receive Wire Transfer Easily

    I did this personal research on my own for the past two months, to find out a genuine way to receive money in dollars. With this method, you can conveniently receive wire transfer in USD to your bank account in any country you reside. Especially if you live in a country that is not allowed to receive money from some online vendors, you can use the website I will share with you below. This website works just like Payoneer, it provides you with a dollar account you can use to receive international payment or transfer to your own USD account and convert the money to your private account with ease.


    Get Cleva Services

    Cleva works just like Geegpay and you can use it to receive money from your clients or any platform like Google Adsense, Deel, Infolinks, Amazon, Hbagency, Freelance websites, affiliate marketing and other websites you can make money in dollars. If you are a freelancer making money in hard currency like USD, then you must have to create an account and start using Get Cleva today. It is a wonderful tool you will never regret using their services. They are fast, with a good exchange rate as well.

    You can sign up with them following the link below.


    When signing up, you need three steps you complete your account and get your profile. Create an account, complete your KYC, and get your USD Virtual Account. That is all.

    Features of Get Cleva

    • Create USD Card for international transaction.
    • Create professional invoices.
    • Send USD across the world.
    • Instant currency conversion.
    • Transfer to your local bank.
    • Good exchange rate.
    • Keep track of your transfer at all times.


    I use Get Cleva to receive my earnings from HBagency, Upwork, Impact and ClickBank affiliate marketing. If you get remote freelancing jobs that pays in dollars, you can employ the services of Get Cleva to receive your earnings too. You can choose to save your money in USD to safeguard against inflation. No hidden or monthly fees. Explore their services and drop your feedback here thank you.

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