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    Saturday, May 27, 2023

    Humanize AI Generated Content with this Simple Methods

    Are you a blogger, copywriter, student, freelancer or content creator, who is worried that one-day AI generated content will be flagged and regarded as low valued content by Google search engine algorithm? Are you looking for ways to harness AI tools while ensuring your content feels genuinely human? Do you want to know how to convert AI generated content to 100% human generated original and unique content? Then look no further as we unveil practical examples and expert tips to make your AI-generated content truly original and universally accepted as 100% human generated content.


    AI generated content to humanize content

    One serious question most people ask is; What AI or plagiarism detection tools does Google rely on? Although unpredictable, Google favors human-generated, 100% original, and top-notch quality content that give original answers to questions and provide solution to problems. To meet these requirements, we cannot solely rely on AI tools. Instead, we will explore remarkable techniques that leverage cutting-edge technologies to produce content that is 100% authentic and of exceptional high quality. 


    Below we shall provide step-by-step guide on How to Humanize AI-Generated Content and make it 100% original: First, let us answer the following FAQ in other to throw more light on this topic. Our solution here will be practical and open as possible, so continue reading but if you have any question, then drop a comment, we will gladly answer you. 


    What is AI Content detector? 


    An AI content detector is a system or software that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and identify different types of content, such as text, images, or videos, and classify them based on predefined criteria. It can be used to detect and filter inappropriate or harmful content, such as hate speech, explicit images, or violent videos, helping to ensure a safer and more appropriate online environment. 


    The AI content detector can be trained on large datasets to recognize patterns and characteristics associated with specific content types, enabling automated and efficient content moderation and censorship. Some AI content detector's you can use are writer.com, Copyleaks.com, contentdetector.ai etc. They are quite effective and will give you exactly what you are looking for.


    What is Human Generated Content? 


    Human generated content is simply put as content or a piece of writing produce by humans with feelings. They are contents written to express emotions and opinions based on experience, which are simple to read, feel and understand. Google loves human written content. 


    Can AI Content be detected? 


    Yes, AI content can be detected using various techniques and approaches. AI content detection systems are designed to analyze and classify different types of content, including text, images, videos, and audio. These systems utilize machine-learning algorithms, such as deep learning and natural language processing, to recognize patterns, features, and context within the content. 


    The detection process involves training the AI model on large labeled datasets to learn the characteristics of different content types and then applying that knowledge to new and unseen content. However, it is important to note that AI content detection systems are not perfect and may have limitations. They rely on the quality and diversity of the training data, and there can be challenges in accurately detecting nuanced or context-dependent content. 


    How do I Pass AI Content detector? 


    You can pass AI content detector by writing contents yourself. However, if you generate content for your blog with AI, then you can tweak it to look like human written content using any of the following methods shown below, to humanize any AI generated content. Note that, the goal of producing content or articles is for your readers to easily read and understand. If an article is written by Artificial Intelligence writer’s bot and it becomes difficult for one to read and understand what the article is all about, it defeats the purpose of producing the article or content in the first place. 


    Below is how to turn AI generated content to 100% human generated and easily readable and understandable. 


    How to Humanize AI-Generated Content


    In this picture below, I generated this content on ChatGPT,

    Copied it and paste in an AI content detector and analyze to see if it was detected as AI generated content. 


    Yes it was detected by 27% generated by human. 


    Now I copied this same content and paraphrase or rewrite it in a simple way using Quillbox, then checked it again. The result was awesome! 100% human content generated. 


    generate human original content

    Then I used the second method to rewrite each sentences and checked again to see. It got close to 100%, but if you could rewrite all sentences, then you should also achieve 100% human generated content. 


    AI generated content Human written content


    My little tweaking was not completed yet, i got 85% human written content.


    Using Quillbox to Paraphrase your AI Generated Content 


    Quillbox is one of the best and useful tool out there that will easily turn your AI generated content into human generated content with 100% output rate. This AI powerful paraphrasing tool will rewrite all your sentences in a simple way that makes it easy to read and understand with just a click of a button. it does the magic so well for you.


    Using Word Processor Software


    Using word processor software like Microsoft word to edit each sentences of your content and replace some much difficult to understand words with simple understandable synonyms, also does the magic. This is how you do it. Copy your AI generated content and paste in a word processor software. 


    convert AI content to Human content

    Here I am using Microsoft word as an example. Start by highlighting the sentences and changing or rewriting it in a simple way. 


    => Highlight some of the difficult words and right click on it, then hover your cursor to Synonyms and then select any word similar in meaning and click on it to replace the word from the AI generated content. 


    => By incorporating descriptive adjectives and adjusting sentence structures, you can achieve the same content with an unmistakable human touch. To make it human generated is to add some adjectives and just a little later in the sentence structure. 


    Then submit your article or content on your website or to your client.


    After editing your AI-generated content and making it original and of high quality, now you can send and submit it to your client, or you can even publish the article on your website. Make sure it provides good value to your readers. 


    How is Quillbox Used?


    Quillbox is a versatile tool used for collaborative writing and content creation. It provides a user-friendly interface where multiple users can work together in real-time to create, edit, and review written content. Quillbox offers features such as version control, comments, and suggestions, which facilitate effective collaboration and streamline the writing process. It can be used for various purposes, including drafting documents, writing articles, co-authoring projects, and providing feedback on written work. Quillbox enhances productivity, promotes teamwork, and simplifies the collaborative writing experience. 


    How Legit is Quillbox?


    Quillbox is a legitimate tool for collaborative writing and content creation, trusted by users for its user-friendly interface, real-time collaboration features, and helpful functionalities. 


    Can I use Quillbox for free?


    Yes, you can use quillbox-paraphrasing features free. Quillbot's free trial is a standout offering due to its unrestricted usage without any time constraints. This means you have the freedom to utilize it at your convenience and for as long as you need. Additionally, within the trial period, you have the ability to rephrase up to 400 words and 1000 characters in a single attempt. Notably, there are no restrictions on the number of times you can make use of the rephrasing feature. 


    Contrasting the free and paid versions of Quillbot, the free plan presents two modes to choose from and permits paraphrasing of up to 125 words at a time. On the other hand, the premium version provides access to all seven modes and unlimited word rephrasing capability. 


    So what next? 


    Once you have edited your AI-generated content to make it original and high quality humanize content, then you can present it to your clients or publish it on your website. Feel free to explore the example provided for a better understanding of the process. 



    While AI tools can enhance speed and SEO, copying and pasting AI-generated content is never the way to go. Opt for an approach that involves editing the content according to your project's specific needs, allowing you to achieve your goals efficiently. Strike a balance between leveraging AI's power and infusing the human touch to create exceptional content within minimal time that will benefit your clients and readers. Note that, any content written has a purpose to achieve, strive to achieve that purpose and that is value created.

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