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    Tuesday, December 12, 2023

    How to Make Top Selling AI Print on Demand Designs

    The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in today’s tech scene has been one of the best things that have happened to tech. Today, I will be showing you the power of AI and how to use it and transform your print-on-demand business to a more profitable venture in no time. 


    design with kittl

    Whether you are a seasoned pro in print on demand or just starting as a newbie, AI can be a game-changer, making design creation easier and more efficient for you. In our previous article, we discussed essential areas to focus in 2024 for your POD business however, today we shall be discussing how you can make top selling print on demand designs made by a powerful and prominent AI tool provided by Kittl.


    The Magic of AI in Print on Demand

    AI is a valuable tool you can use to create beautiful designs for your products. In this article, we will explore one of the easiest AI software tools available to craft your unique print-on-demand designs. We are talking about no other design tool than kittl.com, a versatile platform that opens the doors to a multitude of possibilities, from generating images and text to assembling complete designs.

    Unlocking Creativity with AI

    To spice up your creativity, Kittl is presented with incredible features that will help you turn creativity into designs. With kittl, you can make use of text generation, seamless pattern creation, and high-quality vector image generation. We will demonstrate how AI can be a shortcut, especially for those without a design background, helping you produce beautiful and impactful designs effortlessly.


    Kittl's Seven AI Features

    Kittl boasts of having seven different AI features, ranging from text generation to vectors and background removal. Unlike other AI software, Kittl is user-friendly and accessible, making it a top choice for designers. 


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    Other features of Kittl includes text effects - where you can make your text stand out from other designs. You can create mock-ups with one click, use stylish premium fonts free, add stunning images to your designs, and print your designs on physical products to display in your adverts. You can also generate SVG vector graphics, generate AI images and clipart, remove background from images, generate quotes for your merch, generate logo for your brand, turn images to vector format, convert any image into SVG, place products in AI scenes etc. 


    So many wonderful designs you can do with this online tool all just for free. With Kittl, you can create logos, posters, cards, labels, t-shirts, stickers, covers, thumbnails, brand boards etc. 


    Below steps, we will walk you through the process of creating a print-on-demand design from scratch using Kittl’s powerful AI tools. You will learn how to turn your ideas into vectorized graphics via text or image upload and more. Also read how to connect your Shopify with Gelato platform.


    Step 1: AI Quote Generator

    We kick things off with the AI quote generator, a handy tool for ensuring your design includes a catchy and relevant quote.

    Click on Generate Quote

    Then you will be presented with a lot of niche to choose. Gaming, Creativity, Cats, Dogs, Love, Beer etc.

    By selecting a niche and specifying the desired word count, kittl generates a variety of quotes to choose from. If you decide to delve into the niche of Cats, or Beer, you will generate great quote designs your audience will love.


    Step 2: AI Pattern Maker

    For those looking to add a creative flair to their designs, Kittl's AI pattern maker comes into play. You can use the tool to generate eye-catching patterns, using beer, cats or dogs as your niche. The possibilities are endless, and Kittl's user-friendly interface makes experimentation a breeze.


    Step 3: AI Vector Creator

    Vectors are crucial for high-quality print-on-demand designs. If you explore Kittl's vector creation feature, you will discover the flexibility it offers in terms of design customization. You will get an illustration guide through the process to creating a vector image for your niche, demonstrating how easy it is to transform and enhance the design.


    Assembling the Design

    Once you have these 3 steps done and all your AI-generated elements, you should now assemble these collections into a cohesive design. From adding text to adjusting colors and shadows, Kittl provides a myriad of customization options. We even discuss how these designs can be exported for use with print-on-demand suppliers.


    Other Kittl AI Powered tool you can use and tweak your designs include:

    • AI Image Generator-generates images and clipart.
    • AI Background Remover-removes the background from images.
    • AI Art Feed-Find and use stunning AI art.
    • AI-X1 - the first generative AI for graphic design.
    • AI Vectorizer-turn images into vector format.
    • AI logo Generator-generates logos for your brand.
    • AI products Backgrounds-place products in AI scenes.



    AI is a powerful ally for designers, offering efficiency and creativity in equal measure. Kittl's user-friendly interface and diverse AI features make it a go-to tool for both beginners and seasoned designers. As you embark on your print-on-demand journey, consider incorporating AI to enhance your creative process and productivity. Happy designing guys.

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