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    Saturday, December 2, 2023

    High Paying Remote Jobs websites you can Earn Between $700 – $1500 Working from Home

    There are many ways to work remotely and earn money if you enjoy working from home or at your own pace. This post will be helpful to you as it increases your chances of earning more money from remote work. After searching LinkedIn for remote work, it is time to check out these ten sites, which can offer you flexible work schedules ranging from $700 to over $1,500 per month. 


    high remote paying jobs

    Below we list and discuss some of the top paying websites where remote job seekers can make between $700 and $1500.

    Solid Gigs ($21/month Premium Account)

    Solid Gig is an expert gig hunter subscription website that offers freelancing leads on autopilot. What this simply means is that, once you subscribe to its premium version, you get jobs sent to your email everyday. This is why it is paid for: You get to focus on your work rather than leads, you will receive consistent leads every weekday, Receive 100% compensation with full control on your leads. Try them out at www.solidgigs.com


    Dribble is such a wonderful platform for clients looking for remote full-time or freelance talent, as well as a community for creatives to exhibit their work. On this platform, you can build your brand, grow your skills and get your dream projects executed. Simply signup and Go to "Jobs," choose "Remote," and discover a range of opportunities for working from home. For designers, visit www.dribbble.com/for-designers.

    Hubstaff Talents

    Another seamless website that has a reputation for matching top talent with high-caliber remote jobs. Make a free profile to get daily access to new remote jobs. Offers cover those looking for a side business as well, ranging from low hourly rates to six-figure salaries. Check them out at www.hubstaff.com

    Authentic Jobs

    Authentic jobs is an authority for web professionals with a clientele that includes Apple, Tesla, and The New York Times. It is found to be a job board for developers, designers and creative professionals. A toggle switch on the website makes it simple to search for remote jobs. It is really that easy to find remote jobs on this website especially if you have a tech skills. Visit the site at www.authenticjobs.com

    The Himalayas

    Try this if you want to collaborate with businesses like Paytm, Mozilla, and Binance. I like how it provides you with comprehensive profiles of remote companies that highlight their culture, mission, technology stack, and benefits to help you identify the best fit. head over to the website and sign up at www.himalayas.app

    WellFound (AngelList)

    One of the most reliable website on the internet for finding online jobs is WellFound (formerly AngelList). Click "Find Your Next Job" after creating a free account here www.wellfound.com, then go ahead and complete your profile and start searching for the jobs that you can offer. There are over 130k and more tech jobs and startup jobs you can get from companies willing to hire you.

    Working Nomads

    For a free, hand-picked list of remote jobs, sign up for WN. Remote jobs related to youf field of expertise will be delivered to your email every day or every week, or browse the site's color-coded categories to find jobs you can complete. You will find categories of jobs on design, education, health care, legal, management, marketing, development etc. Jobs with a focus on development are a gold mine for software engineers. Find your appropriate jobs at www.workingnomads.com/jobs


    Monster is one of the first companies to aggregate jobs online, offering a wide range of remote positions in numerous industries. It is still a strong platform, but you will need to spend some time going through the long list of remote jobs listings you can complete. If you have a good tech skills, then head over to www.monster.com to sign up for an account.


    Toptal specializes in placing qualified independent contractors in remote positions at prestigious businesses like Priceline and Shopify. Only the best 3% of independent contractors or freelancers in the industries like software development, design, and finance are accepted. If you are a professioner software developer, designer etc then sign up with the platform and start making crazy money completing jobs. Signup at www.toptal.com.


    Textbroker is a platform for remote, flexible writing jobs. Send in your work, get paid per word, and receive a rating of two to four stars. Only humanized written contents are allowed on this content hub which means AI written contents are not appreciated. Monetization is easy with PayPal payouts every week. All you need to do is Write, get money, develop—give your freelance career a boost on Textbroker. visit the website at www.textbroker.com


    Survimo Paid Survey

    Survimo is a leading online survey platform that connects businesses with individuals willing to share their opinions and feedback. Survimo has a global network of over 5 million panelists and has conducted over 30 million surveys for clients in over 50 countries. Survimo is a member of the ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) and adheres to their strict quality standards. 


    How to Participate in Survimo

    To participate in this program, you will need to create a free account at www.survimo.com, complete your profile, and participate in surveys that match your profile, earn points for each survey you complete and redeem your points for cash or gift cards. 


    Points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or for gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, and other popular retailers. It can take a few weeks to reach the minimum payout threshold, which is $5. Once you reach the threshold, you can request a payout, which will be processed within 24 hours. The exchange rate for points varies depending on the redemption option.


    Is Survimo Legit?

    Yes, Survimo is a legitimate online survey platform with a strong track record. They are a member of ESOMAR, which is a leading organization for market research professionals. They also have a good reputation on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


    All these websites are confirmed to be legitimate and reputable online remote jobs providers that offers a variety of jobs in different field and industries. However, what you must do to excel on any of the platform is to provide value. Focus on providing solution to people’s problems and you will gladly paid for your services. Do not focus on the money first, but your focus should be on solving a problem out there and you will earn your worth.

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