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    Friday, November 24, 2023

    A Full Guide on How to Avoid Etsy Account Suspension

    Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, has become a haven for creative entrepreneurs worldwide. However, for many sellers, the threat of account suspension looms like a dark cloud. My Etsy account gets suspended immediately I got my first sales and a couple of views and impression on my listing. Have I done anything wrong? I sell original products on my Etsy shop and list only handmade products but why is my Etsy account suspended? I got series of these complaint from a lot of readers on our Facebook Group who are into Etsy dropshipping business so today, I decided to write a post about this as a solution to newbies out there facing similar problems and also those who will consider going into Etsy drop shipping business.


    how to avoid etsy account ban

    In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why Etsy might suspend an account seemingly at random and address the crucial question of whether you will still receive payments if your Etsy shop faces suspension.


    So What Does Etsy Account Suspension Means?

    All Etsy selling account suspensions have the same effect. Once you receive a suspension on your Etsy account, it simply means, Etsy has canceled your selling rights, so your product listings are hidden from buyers and you are unable to accept new orders. Depending on the reason for the suspension, your selling privileges may be permanently revoked or suspended for a short while (i.e., until you take a specific action).


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    Why Does Etsy Randomly Suspend My Account?

    Etsy, like any other online platform, has a set of rules and policies that sellers must adhere to. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in the suspension of your account. Here are some common reasons why Etsy might suspend an account seemingly without warning.


    Policy Violations

    Etsy has a detailed Seller Policy that outlines the rules and regulations sellers must follow. In certain cases, policy violations will only result in a warning. Others may experience a temporary or permanent suspension of their account, and if they consistently break Etsy's marketplace policies, they may permanently lose their account. Common violations include selling prohibited items, engaging in copyright infringement, or misrepresenting products, operating two Etsy accounts, or opening a new Etsy account after a suspension with the same device. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with these policies and ensure your shop aligns with Etsy's guidelines.


    Poor Customer Reviews

    Customer satisfaction is paramount on Etsy. Consistently receiving poor reviews, especially related to product quality, shipping times, or customer service, can trigger account suspension. Regularly check and address customer feedback to maintain a positive reputation.


    Payment Issues

    Failure to settle Etsy fees or issues with payment methods can lead to account suspension. Make sure your billing information is up-to-date, and promptly address any payment-related concerns to avoid disruptions to your shop. In order to keep your selling rights as an Etsy seller, you must pay Etsy your outstanding balance on time. Etsy will give first-time offenders a five-day grace period; however, your Etsy selling account will be suspended after the grace period expires. You must pay Etsy your outstanding balance in order to have your suspended account to be reinstated. 


    Intellectual Property Infringement

    Etsy takes intellectual property rights seriously. If your listings violate copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws, your account will be suspended. Always ensure that your products and marketing materials are original and do not infringe on the rights of others.


    Suspicious Activity

    Unusual account activity, such as a sudden spike in sales, impression or a change in location, may trigger Etsy's security measures. Be transparent with Etsy about any significant changes to your business, and promptly address any security concerns to prevent a suspension.


    Repeated Violations of Etsy's Rules

    Etsy has a number of rules that its sellers have to abide by. In certain cases, policy violations will only result in a warning. Others may experience a temporary or permanent suspension of their account, and if they consistently break Etsy's marketplace policies, they may permanently lose their account.

    A frequent policy infringement that leads to a permanent ban on Etsy is linking a suspended account to your newly created account. Etsy will immediately and permanently ban your new selling account and you won't be able to appeal if they discover that you opened a new account after your selling privileges were revoked on your previous account.


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    Will I Still Get Paid if My Etsy Account is Suspended?

    The prospect of losing access to your Etsy shop can be daunting, especially if it is your primary source of income. However, Etsy has a system in place to ensure that sellers are compensated for their hard work even if their account is suspended.


    Funds in Your Payment Account

    Etsy disburses funds to sellers through their Payment Account, which is separate from the suspended shop. If your account is in good standing at the time of suspension, Etsy will continue processing payments for completed orders. Ensure that your Payment Account information is accurate to prevent any delays in receiving your funds.


    Resolving Outstanding Issues

    Before receiving any remaining funds, Etsy may require you to resolve outstanding issues contributing to the suspension. This could involve addressing policy violations, settling unpaid fees, or resolving disputes with customers. Once these issues are resolved, Etsy will release the funds to your Payment Account.


    Communication with Etsy

    If you find yourself facing a suspension, communicate with Etsy's support team promptly. They can provide guidance on the specific reasons for the suspension and the steps you need to take to reinstate your account. Being proactive in resolving any issues will help expedite the process of receiving your funds.


    So What are the Types of Etsy Account Suspensions?

    There are several reasons why Etsy could suspend your selling account, and each kind of suspension has unique consequences for your Etsy shop and your future on the platform as a seller. This section will discuss the most typical reasons why sellers' Etsy accounts are suspended and examine the most likely course of action in each case.


    Suspension for Trademark Violation

    Etsy has the same right to suspend your selling account as it does for copyright infringement if you violate trademark infringement repeatedly. Simply said, copyright infringement occurs when you use content that is trademarked by and associated with other brands—usually in an effort to imitate the brand and benefit from its reputation. For example, you cannot use the word "Gucci" in your shop name, product titles, descriptions, or anything else if you are an Etsy seller of your own sewing patterns for clothing. This is because doing so would violate Gucci Sewing Patterns' trademark. 


    Suspension over Copyright Infringement

    Etsy takes copyright infringement seriously, just like any other major marketplace. However, this does not mean that your account will be suspended right away if a complaint is made about your Etsy shop or one of your listings. Usually, before any action is taken, you will be given the opportunity to present your case or remove the offending listings. Nevertheless, repeat offenders or newly created accounts should anticipate having their Etsy accounts suspended, usually indefinitely, at Etsy's sole discretion.


    Suspensions due to Many Cases Filed Against the Seller

    Etsy has strict guidelines for its sellers, which are detailed in their Seller Policy. Vendors who fail to meet these requirements risk having their accounts suspended, possibly indefinitely. If Etsy determines that you have too many open cases against you in relation to similar Etsy shops, you will probably be subject to a suspension that is almost impossible to appeal, and any money in your account may be held for up to six months in order to handle any buyer cases that may arise in the future. Here, as always, prevention is key; monitor your metrics, pay attention to customer concerns and feedback, and take the necessary steps to keep your Etsy shop up and running.


    Suspension due to Frequent Delivery Problems

    Etsy is ultimately just a marketplace and a platform where sellers can sell to and fulfill orders from Etsy's clientele. Your Etsy account can be suspended if you consistently break your end of the agreement and fail to deliver your goods to customers in a secure and timely manner. Delivery problems can range from routinely missing delivery deadlines, giving inaccurate tracking information, or getting a lot of complaints from customers about items that are damaged or not delivered at all. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in this kind of suspension, as you might not be able to persuade Etsy to reinstate your account in such a situation. 

    Because of this, it's critical to concentrate on performing your duties to your customers, monitor your metrics, and pay attention to customer feedback, particularly when it comes to order fulfillment and delivery. Make any necessary modifications, such as altering the way you pack, selecting alternative shipping options, and hiring reputable shipping firms to deliver your goods.


    Suspension due to overdue Payments

    You will owe Etsy a number of fees as you list and sell items on the platform. This can include buyer reimbursements, shipping label costs, Etsy Ads fees, and more. If you fail to pay the outstanding balance on time, Etsy has the right to suspend your account. Usually only applicable to first-time offenders, this kind of suspension is only temporary and can be immediately lifted by making your past-due payments. If you take care of the problem within the 5-day grace period granted to first-time offenders, Etsy usually won't take further action against your account. However, if you consistently fall behind on your payments to Etsy, you may have to deal with a much larger issue, which could even result in account termination. 


    Etsy Service Suspension over Usage Abuse

    Since it covers all possible violations of Etsy policy, this kind of suspension can result in a wide range of consequences. Misusing Etsy's services will probably result in a permanent ban that is difficult to appeal, whether it is for using the buyer communication platform to close deals off Etsy or for opening an account on the platform in order to avoid a previous suspension. Because of this, before you list your products on the site, it is critical that you comprehend Etsy's policies and your rights and obligations as an Etsy seller.


    Suspension over Inappropriate Content

    Etsy has strict guidelines regarding what kinds of goods and content are allowed to be listed on the site, as was covered in the section before this one. Etsy has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to these kinds of products and content, so if you break the rules, your account will be suspended (terminated) immediately and probably permanently. We advise you to familiarize yourself with Etsy's prohibited items policy before listing anything, and to always trade on the side of caution. You can always sell these kinds of products on other platforms like sell your crafts on Tedooo app which is a strong alternative. 


    Types of Penalty on Etsy Account and their Interpretation

    Not all suspensions from Etsy are the same, so it is crucial to consider the kind of suspension you received when asking yourself "why did my Etsy account get suspended?" This will assist you in comprehending what transpired as well as determining the necessary actions to take and whether it is even feasible to restore your Etsy selling privileges in light of the suspension's terms. We will look at the three different kinds of Etsy account suspensions here: temporary, permanent, and account termination.


    Temporary Suspension of Etsy Account

    Your Etsy listings are removed during a temporary Etsy account suspension, which stops you from making any more sales until you complete a specific task. Sellers who have fallen behind on their Etsy fees or who have not supplied enough information to maintain an active selling account are typically subject to temporary suspensions. Etsy will usually send you an email or, more frequently, a notification straight on your seller dashboard explaining the steps you need to take to get your account back. This kind of suspension from Etsy is the simplest to handle, and if you are not a repeat offender, there shouldn't be any lasting effects on your Etsy shop. 


    Permanent Suspension of Your Etsy Account

    An Etsy permanent suspension is far more serious since it results in the permanent removal of your listings. When Etsy suspends your account, you will receive an email with the subject "Permanent Suspension" and details explaining why your account was suspended in the body of the message. For a number of reasons, such as poor seller performance or policy violations, Etsy has the right to permanently suspend your selling account. Regardless of the cause, your only chance to have your account restored is to file an appeal with Etsy. You might be able to have your selling rights restored, depending on the circumstances and the reason for your suspension; however, keep in mind that for certain permanent suspension of account due to selling prohibited items, the permanent suspension can not be reverse.


    Account Termination on Etsy

    The most severe kind of suspension is account termination, which denotes that Etsy has permanently terminated your ability to sell on the marketplace using any other Etsy selling account in the future or through your currently suspended account. Account terminations may occur for any reason, including listing illicit goods, opening an account to get around another Etsy shop's suspension, and other serious infractions. You won't be able to contest this kind of suspension. This should be viewed as a permanent ban from the Etsy platform, which is exactly what it is. Etsy will inform you that they are ending their business partnership with you in situations such as these. Given that you will be unable to sell on Etsy going forward, so you should look for other Etsy alternative or Tedooo app review to shart your drop shipping journey afresh.


    How to Handle a Suspended Etsy Account?

    Although it is annoying to have your Etsy account suspended, it is not always a guarantee that you will never be able to sell on the website again. You can try to get your Etsy selling privileges restored in all but the most extreme circumstances, such as a permanent suspension or outright account termination. In this section, we will examine potential preventative actions you can take to restart your Etsy shop as well as strategies for successfully avoiding account suspension completely.


    1. Speak with the Etsy Support Staff

    Getting in touch with Etsy's support staff should be your first move if your account was suspended and you are unable to determine why. They will be able to clarify the reason for the suspension and, in most cases, suggest appropriate actions for you to try to have the suspension of your Etsy account lifted.

    2. Examine your policies and listings.

    Sometimes, your product listings or Etsy Shop policies will explain why you were suspended. This may be for less evident reasons like product descriptions that go against Etsy's content policies and prohibited items list, or it may be for more serious reasons like copyright or trademark infringement. It is advisable to check your listings prior to being suspended, as it will take a lot more time, effort, and lost sales revenue to go back and fix the issue after the fact.  

    3. Address Unresolved Account Problems.

    To restore your Etsy shop, you only need to take care of a few unresolved issues if your account has been suspended on some occasions. In situations such as these, Etsy will directly inform you of the steps you must take in order to automatically restore your selling privileges on Etsy and your listings to live, such as finishing your tax information or proving your identity. You won't even need to get in touch with Etsy if one of these problems is the cause of your suspension; all you have to do is fix the problem in question to have your suspension lifted.

    4. Consider Selling your Products on a Different Platform

    In the realm of online shopping, the adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket" holds true regardless of your ability to get your Etsy account reinstated. If you're reading this article, you have probably already learned that e-commerce platforms have the ability to instantly suspend your ability to sell. Limiting yourself to a single sales channel places your entire operation at the mercy of one company, which may or may not reinstate your selling privileges. Selling online is already a challenging and competitive business. What then are your options? Diversify your holdings and expand your Etsy shop into a multichannel e-commerce enterprise. Expand your business to other channels such as Shopify, Amazon, Tedooo, Woocommerce, Exportyourstore, etc.


    5. Take Preventive Action to avoid Suspensions in the Future

    It is preferable to avoid being suspended from Etsy in the first place, whether you are reeling from a suspension or concerned that one is coming your way. Therefore, in order to avoid suspension and spare yourself from lost sales revenue and time-consuming appeals, we advise implementing a few crucial preventative steps. Make sure your products and content adhere to Etsy's policies, that you haven't fallen behind on any fees, and that your Etsy shop is in good standing with the fewest cases and negative reviews that it can have. 


    6. Taking the Suspension Appeal

    You probably received a notice from Etsy stating that your account has been permanently suspended if your account was suspended for a more serious offense than an unpaid balance or inaccurate bank information. Despite its name, a permanent suspension does not always mean that you will never be able to list on Etsy again. In fact, in certain cases, you may be able to send an appeal to Etsy in order to have your account reinstated.


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    How to File a Suspension Appeal on Etsy

    It is critical to comprehend the reasons behind Etsy's account suspension before attempting to appeal it. Before appealing your suspension to Etsy, you must first address the reason(s) why your Etsy account was suspended. Keep in mind that you have a short window of time to complete your appeal—you have six months from the date your account was suspended to do so. You can file an appeal at the Etsy Appeals Center after resolving the issues that resulted in your suspension.


    Format for Writing A Successful Appeal to Etsy

    Although each appeal will be slightly different, it is crucial to remember the main points Etsy will consider when deciding whether or not to reinstate your account when you start writing your appeal.


    It is pertinent to state up front that you are aware of the circumstances surrounding your suspension. Use Etsy's Seller Policies to help you properly and completely explain the problem. You might even want to use language straight out of the policies to show that you have "done your homework" on the subject. Demonstrate your comprehension of why the infraction resulted in suspension. For instance, if delivery problems resulted in the suspension of your account, you could state that you recognize the negative impact that a bad shipping and delivery experience can have on a buyer's experience generally.


    You should describe the actions you have taken to resolve the problem. As best you can, describe to Etsy the precise actions you have taken to undo the damage. Returning to the delivery issues suspension example, you could explain that you sent free replacements, reimbursed customers for damaged goods, and gave them a future discount in your Etsy shop.


    Lastly, describe how you plan to avoid this problem in the future. This is the most crucial aspect of the appeal because, should they choose to restore your selling rights, Etsy wants to be sure they won't have to suspend your account for the same reason twice. Explain your reasoning behind each action you have taken as well as how you anticipate it will help to resolve the problem in the future. Using our example again, you could say that you have switched to a more reputable courier service and altered your packing techniques to protect your belongings during transit. 


    How to Avoid Etsy Account Suspension in the Future

    • Do not login your etsy account with a device that was linked with a suspended account.
    • Do not Link Your Etsy Shop with Suspicious Activity.
    • Follow Etsy’s set down Rules and Guidelines.
    • Avoid Plagiarized Products or Copyrighted Work.
    • Sell Only Your Own Items and Designs.

    It can be annoying to have your Etsy selling account suspended, and you may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what might have caused it. Sadly, once an account has been suspended, Etsy does not always give sellers the most up-to-date information. Sellers frequently ask themselves, "Why is my Etsy account suspended?" and discover that they must conduct their own research to find the answers. 



    While the prospect of Etsy account suspension can be unnerving, understanding the reasons behind it and knowing that you can still receive payments provides a sense of reassurance. As a responsible seller, it is essential to stay informed about Etsy's policies, maintain high standards for your shop, and promptly address any issues that arise. By doing so, you can navigate the Etsy marketplace confidently and continue to thrive as a creative entrepreneur.

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