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    Friday, August 19, 2022

    The Truth About Selling Custom t shirts Designs Online

    How to sell custom printed t shirts designs online like amazon and etsy is one of the most frequently asked questions from a lot of people who want to start a print on demand business online. Selling customized tshirts can be quite tasking or rosy and thorny. It can as well be a pleasant experience when you target the right audience with your super pretty tee designs. But it can also be an awful experience if you delve into this niche without a proper research to know what kind of t shirt designs sells or not. The actual truth about selling custom t shirts online is that, you could make a lot of money with the right products if you target the right audience. This article uncovers facts about custom t shirt selling business, and we will discuss a couple of them as well. 


    custom t shirt design

    You should also read one of my article, which I published about What print on demand t shirts sells like hot cake. Here in this article, we shall cover the common things you need to know about selling customized t shirts either online or offline before you start.

    What you need to know about Selling Custom t shirts online

    Selling customized t shirt is tough

    Selling custom t-shirts is relatively tough considering the high rate of inflation. Trying to maintain good quality and a considerably fair price for customers at the same time can be a tough climb on a hill. Cheap tshirts might seem like the way out but not in every situation. The cheaper the price might also be the cheaper the quality and off course, many people might not like it. However, in a situation of trying to have a budget friendly product for all class of people this might work. However, make sure you try to give them value for their money and it should not be a total rip-off because it will hurt your business real bad.


    Best Print on Demand Website for tshirt Design and Sell

    Tshirt Printing Quality Differs

    All types of t-shirt printing have their intricacies, which are very important to note. Some types of printing work better for bulk productions, some work better for a certain types of material, and some for picture printing. screen printing has to be the most popular and common type of tee shirt printing because of its cost effective nature and so many other advantages. It is important to note this and also understand the disadvantage that come with every type of printing. We discussed detailed about how to print custom t-shirts, types of tshirt printings, and how they work in our previous article (click here to read) But the overall geek here is to do what your clients want. Their desires and directives should be your watchword. Otherwise, whom did you want to please if not your client? 


    Tshirt Design Output Quality

    Tee shirt designs might be altered due to different conditions but that largely depends on the type of printing and the condition. for example some type of printing do not require direct heat on them after production that is why it is necessary to avoid placing hot pressing iron directly on the printing. Several washes can also be a disadvantage to some printing types.


    In another event, a customer who is not properly schooled about how a type of printing should be maintained might get it wrong and return with a negative review about the designer, which put the designer or merch in a bad light and might turn away potential customers. Maybe including an inner maintenance tag on the tshirt might eliminate this challenge or at least serve as some sort of disclaimer for the designer.


    Although in some cases, it might be print on demand otherwise it is important to note what type of cloth to design and or sell per time. This is due to weather consideration, weather conditions brings about demand for different clothes to suit the weather. It is only normal for tshirts to gain a high demand during hot weather unlike hoodies. While hoodies will have a higher demand during cold weather. Just get what your client desire and fulfill your order. This attitude will bring in more potential customers to your store.

    Respect Copyright Protected Designs

    Another important aspect about custom t shirts design and printing is that, you need to create your own designs and quotes without infringing on anyone’s copyright. Copying other people’s designs will rather cause more harm than good to your store. It is more appropriate and original to create and promote your own designs on tshirts and sell on your store instead of copying other people’s designs. Be natural, political with a little sense of humor and you will have a great design that will sell. Also, try to research on what trend people love to follow, and then create designs that will attract their attention.


    Not all T-shirts Designs will Sell

    Also note that, just jumping on board and designing any tshirt will not make you a single sale. You need to weigh options, search for what people are emotional about, what people like to wear, what seasons people will like to purchase t shirts for, then target them with your attractive designs. If you cannot design on your own, you can hire a designer to make good designs for your tshirts. Target great occasions and special holidays in the following months and create t shirt designs. You should complement these designs with other print on demand products to increase sales.


    You do not Really Need a Store to sell Custom t shirts Designs

    Yes you heard me right. You actually do not need to own a store before selling custom demand tshirt designs. This simply means, if you do not have the funds to start an online tshirt selling store, you can promote other people’s products as an affiliate and earn a commission. You can register as an affiliate on teezily.com or even moteefe.com where you have the opportunity to rent a store and promote your items. On teezily, you promote other people’s designs as an affiliate and earn a commission each time your affiliate link converts or gets an order. It is a great way of making passionate money without spending a dime.


    Custom T-Shirt Designs and Sales: What you Should Know About This Business


    Customized tee shirt business is a profitable niche if care and caution is taken into consideration and not thrown to the winds. A business that will not go out of patronage or fashion anytime soon. Especially if you evolve with the times and demands. It is important to keep up to date with the trends in fashion especially t shirt designs not leaving out the need to constantly develop on your creativity which is the only thing that puts you out among so many t-shirt designers and marketers. Go grab the opportunity and start something today.

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