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    Monday, February 21, 2022

    Top 10 Best Customized T Shirt Designs that Sells like Hot Cakes

    Coming up with a great killer custom designs for t shirts that will make multiple sales is one of the most important thing to do when starting a t-shirt designing and printing business. It is well known that, creativity is the bedrock of every outstanding tshirt design. However, this article will discuss the 10 trendy t-shirt designs that never grows out of fashion. These designs are wonderful and can be extensively used to improve your t shirt custom design business. Previously on this blog, we discussed How T-Shirt Design and Printing Business Works. You might want to read that article too if you actually want to this stuff works. 


    killer customized t shirt designs


    Below are the 10 killer custom designs on t shirts that sell easily like hotcakes. 

    1. Customized Art Design

    This type of t-shirt design illustrates artistic skills akin to the color, brush and board type of art as seen in the big spill design here. This type of design has been a trendy tea shirt design that sells. Its unique and simple design has caught the heart of many tshirt lovers and has recorded huge patronage both online and offline. 

    custom art design

    2. 3D Designs

    This is an illusion design that looks almost real as seen in the big hand design. It has been a killer design in the market because of its captivating look that leaves on lookers in awe. Be ready to get stares when you wear a 3D tshirt. This design has warmed the hearts of many t shirt lovers and is definitely a killer in the market. 

    t shirt 3d design

    3. Abstract Design

    The abstract design is the type that does not follow a pattern that speaks actual sense or makes a meaning. It can be lines, patterns, shapes, or even a combination of those in no particular order. This t-shirt design has good acceptance and is worn by people who prefer rather “unconventional” types of customized shirt designs. 

    customized abstract design

    4. Typography Designs

    This design focus is mainly on written words with little or no images or photos. The message, slogan or phrase is the focal point and the creativity lies in the font style and arrangement. This design is usually very simple with no complications. It is loved by many and is a hot and trendy design. They are designs mostly used to display or convey a particular message to the public. Especially during campaign, rally, protest, advertisement or outings. They are simple and straight to the point designs that makes a lot of sales when targeting the right audience.

    customized t shirt design

    5. Graphical Designs

    Graphic design comprises of both typography and illustrations. It features images paired with typography. It is a design you can never go wrong with. This particular design is mostly used for party campaigns, burial ceremony, personal anniversary, launching or memorial events towards outstanding personnel.

    custoomized t shirt design

    6. Patriotic Design

    This design usually bears the mark of a country, continent or state. It could be the map or flag of the demography. This design is mostly worn by patriotic citizens and their fans either to show patriotism or love and support for a particular demography. 

    patriotic t shirt design

    7. Photography Design

    This design contains hyper-realistic images with its main focus on photography while text is secondary. The intended image to be customized and printed on the t shirt has to look exactly the same on the tshirt without any alterations. Hence the need to employ the DTG printing method which is the best method for this type of printing. This design is great for birthday tee shirts and has been a trendy choice for occasional or celebratory wears where the image of the celebrant is customized and printed on the t-shirts.

    picture custom design


    8. Branded Designs

    Branded designs basically aims at promoting a brand or product. It usually carries the motto, logo, slogan and other basic information about the brand or product. Printing your brand logo or name on the t shirt is one of the best ways to promote or advertise your brand. below is an example of one of our brand hoodie from this website.

    branded custom t shirt design

    9. Tie and Dye Designs

    This design is very simple. It implores the use of different colored dye and a white plane t shirt. The tshirt is tied in a particular pattern with ropes. The color dyes are dissolved with each color in a separate water and applied to the white tshirt following the pattern and then allowed to stay for some minutes after which, the tshirt is spread and allowed to dry up. It is one of the most common and simple t shirt designs so far. 

    tie and die t shirt design

    10. Can Spray Paint Design

    This particular shirt design requires can spray paint of different colors applied to the tshirts, following any pattern of choice to create an image, lines or series of patterns. This is by far the easiest and cheapest design. Although, it has a non durable disadvantage. 

    spray custom t shirt design


    So What Kind of T-Shirt Designs Do I Need for my Business Promotion?

    T-shirt designs are better kept simple and creative when using them for visible promotion. It is better to avoid a complicated design as a designer. Customers who patronize already designed tees go for designs that speak to them. Designs they can relate to in their personal lives so it’s better to avoid a rather complex design that is difficult to understand. Although, there is a market for complex designs too as other people prefer rather weird designs. T-shirt designs are big deal to t shirt lovers. They mind the words they carry on their clothes so you have to be intentional about your designs as a designer, be it picture design or written words.

    So is T-Shirt Design and Printing a Profitable Niche?

    People keep asking is t shirt business profitable? the answer is yes. T shirt design is an artistic niche, an art that gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful and unique piece, to speak your mind, your language and boldly carry it around. It is a board that gives you the chance to paint. Yet it is also a placard you carry around which speaks your heart, it also your voice in ink form. The desire to wear tshirts that carry images or words a customer can relate to is what drives them to demand bespoke or print on demand tshirts. As a tshirt designer, it is always good be creative, be intentional, be up to date with trends, be vast in your design ideals and skills, stick to a style that works perfectly for you be it printing or canvas etc. In our next blog post, we shall discuss valuable tutorials and tips you need to learn before making money selling customized tshirts online for free.

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