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    Sunday, August 21, 2022

    How to Customize and Print your Tshirt Designs at Home

    Are you one among those planning to start your own customized t shirt print on demand business at home but you don’t really know where to start? Customized t-shirt simply means printing a design or embroidered image or picture on a tee shirt for a particular purpose. The t shirt designs could be for wedding, committee of friends, in memory of a lost colleague, family member, for political rally, for campaign or other group functions etc. A lot of people out there still don’t know they can customize their own shirts with a design of their choice instead of ordering just any similar shirts online. Better still, some do not even know how t-shirt customization really works. However, I assure you that you can make a living customizing and selling tshirts designs online.


    customize printing at home

    First if you just stubble upon this post, I would like you to read this article What you need to know about Print on Demand t shirt business. Before you continue. This article simplifies the different ways to customize your t-shirt. But first let us define “what is a customized t-shirt?” Customized t-shirts are shirts that come in the desired specification of the client. Customization come in different designs and can be printed words or photographs or even logos.


    Tee shirt customization can be done for any purpose or need, ranging from fashion to occasions. There are a gazillion and one designs to customize on your tees. It does not necessarily have to be the same as any other design; it just has to suit your liking and taste.


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    Types of t shirt customization Process

    There are different types of t shirt customization process and we will be discussing a couple of them;

    Screen Printing

    This is one of the most cost effective and efficient method of t shirt design and printing hence its popularity and wide use especially for bulk printing. With a very high quality and long lasting result, this process involves a screen made of woven fabric (mesh) spread over a frame made from wood or aluminum. The woven fabric or mesh is pressed against a cloth to apply paint onto the t shirt plain surface. This is done with one color per screen however; it can be disadvantaged in cases of multiple color designs since it uses one color per screen. This method is only viable if the design has less colors and bulk printing is required in the same design.


    DTG ( Direct to Garment Printing)

    This method works perfectly for a few number of  t shirts, without any color limitation. The method involves a DTG printer that prints customized designs directly on the t shirt with a high level of color accuracy and quality. Multiple color photographs and write-ups are best for this method however, its durability is nothing compared to the screen-printing and will fade off after multiple laundry. That is why most customers prefer screen-printing to DTG. 


    Plastisol Transfers

    Plastisol heat transfers also known as indirect screen printing uses high quality heat transfer papers and a heat press machine. The design in screen printed on the heat transfer paper then transferred onto the t shirt, hot split transfers result to a matt finishing while cold peel transfers gives a rather glossy finish however this method requires a good heat press machine which might is capital intensive.


    Inkjet/ Laser Iron on Transfer

    This also works very well for digital photograph printing, the image is printed on a special heat transfer paper using an inkjet printer or laser printer and transferred onto the t shirt however this process works best for white and light colored shirts and requires only inkjet heat transfer paper or laser transfer paper as the case maybe.


    Resist Dyeing

    This is a resist method of t-shirt designing sub divided into “Batik” and “tie and dye” this process has nothing to do with printing, it simply involves the t-shirt tied with threads to hide in the areas you do not want color, the color is then dissolved into water and t shirt is submerged into the colored water then untied after removal and spread out to dry Batik also involves the same process except that wax is applied in place of thread, this leaves beautiful print patterns on your t shirt.


    Discharge Printing

    This is a reverse method of designing that involves the t shirt to be bleached with discharge inks which removes the t-shirts dye instead of adding a color to it, it leaves an imprint on the surface and gives it a vintage look.


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    Dye Sublimation Printing

    In this method  sublimation printer, inks, release  paper and heat press are needed, dye is turned into vapor and is absorbed into the polyester content of the t shirt (hence it works better for man made fabrics and 50% polyester blend tees) the result looks similar to that of DTG printing method.


    CAD Cut Vinyls

    This one-color process involves a cutter, plotter, film/vinyl and heat press. cut out of vinyl are applied on the t-shirt with heat. The designs are cut from solid colored vinly sheets with the use a machine.
    Cut And Sew: as the name implies is the process of cutting a different fabric to sew a shape or pattern on the t shirt which usually comes out very beautiful especially if the sewed fabric is of a brighter color than the t shirt. just like the resist dye method it is not a printing process.


    How do you Print t shirts at Home?

    Get a design you want to print on your tshirt, get your plain t shirt clean and ready. Choose your printing type and method, Screen-printing or heat transfer are the best homemade t shirt printing types. For single color printing, you can choose screen-printing. So print out your design and place it on your plain t shirt, arrange your t shirt and design on the heat transfer machine and start printing. Apply heat transfer for some seconds and your vinyl comes out on your t shirt in different styles.


    How Much does it Cost to get a Print on t shirts?

    Prices per t shirts varies depending on the type of printing you opt for and the quality of the shirts. A single t shirt could cost between $20 to $35 on great quality. If you are ordering in bulk, then you can get big discount and pay retail prices. So the price of t shirts printing depends on order quantity and printing quality. The price will definitely be fine if you are ordering a single t shirt for yourself.


    Can a Normal Printer Print on t shirts?

    Yes any normal inkjet printer can be used to print customized t shirts and other similar apparels. But for high quality printing, you will definitely need a high quality printer with the right tools to get a more clear and accurate design output on your tshirt.

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    Tshirt customization can be fun and easy depends on the process or method that is more convenient for you, some of the methods listed here involves very simple process with no use of machines and are perfect for DIY. You might want to try one of the methods on your t shirt and see how it turns out who knows with practice you might just become a t shirt customization pro.

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