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    Sunday, January 9, 2022

    Custom T-Shirt Designs and Sales: What you Should Know About This Business

    Custom t-shirt designs are simply customized t shirts designed to suit the need of the customer. Custom printed tshirts are timeless fashion pieces that are always in vogue, as the demand for t-shirts generally have increased over the years because of new styles of dressing and wears. T-shirt can be a casual or corporate outfit and that largely depends on the styling. For example, t shirt worn on jeans and palms is casual whereas the same tshirt worn on blazers and shoes changes the style from casual to a more corporate look. In one of my post on this blog, i discussed the print on demand products that sells quickly and you should read it too. While in this article, we shall be discussing what you need to know about custom design t shirts and how easy it is to advertise your customized designs and make money.

    custom t-shirt design sales

    What is Custom T Shirt Design?

    Custom t-shirts are the coolest fashion item in trend because of the uniqueness and the sense of a great fashionista it gives the designer, and the creativity aspect of it cannot be ignored either. This is because, it requires a great level of creativity to customize tshirts especially ones that will be admired by many, because in a situation where the tshirt is not a bespoke order the customer depend on your creativity to look fashionable.

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    Custom T Shirt Sales Tips you Should Use to Make Profit
    Customized t-shirt sales on the other hand, is the business aspect of this creativity, if you are not customizing for fun or personal use then it should be for gain and that is where business comes in view. The first thing to do to get sales for your custom tshirts is publicity, which can also be termed as advertisement. This can be done in several ways, a few which will be mentioned below. 


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    1. Modelling: 

    This is the most popular type of advertisement used by designers. This type of advertising involves getting people with the right physique for the intended tshirt to wear them for a photoshoot. It could be either male or female mannequin since t-shirts are unisex wears. Your photographer should be as good as your model, in a case where your physique is good enough for the tshirts you can also be your own model as well instead of using mannequin. This will cost you less and save money at the same time. 

    After the modelling shoot, the pictures can be displayed on printed banners, TV or even social media, the latter has been a great tool for advertising in recent years hence the most used platform. Modelling advertisement is not limited to online, it can be done offline and pays a great deal, although the social media tool has an edge over the offline modelling because it reaches a wide range of people across the globe without borders but using the two types of modelling will not be a bad idea I guess. Therefore, the more strategies employed the more customers and the better conversion rate.


    2. Offline Store: 

    This involves a physical shop where shirts are displayed for potential buyers to patronize. Selling customized t shirts on offline stores is also one of the conventional ways to make sales and earn great profits.


    3. Website Outlets: 

    This method of sales is a more advanced way of advertising. A website is developed which serves as an online shop, the tshirts are displayed on the site for patronage, could be in the graphic design form of it or a modeled picture. In a case of further increasing traffic to your website for better patronage, you might have to pay for your website to be featured among the top results when people search the internet. This is another fast way of selling your customized t shirts designs to customers.

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    4. Influencing Personnel:

    This is an advertising strategy that works mostly on social media in this strategy a public figure or anyone with huge social media followers, has to wear your customized tshirt, take a picture and post on their social media handle and acknowledge you (the designer) or wear it offline, this pulls traffic from their fans and associates. This method of sales too works as the fans of such celebrities would like to purchase their products or any t shirt customized designs they wore. 


    How to Customize and Print your Tshirt Designs at Home

    In conclusion, custom t-shirt designs and sales are one of the greatest combination to make money both online and offline. What you need to know is that, you will need a good and attractive customized design printed on your t shirt. Bring traffic to these t shirt designs by advertising and then keep the sales rolling in. In our next article on this blog, we shall discuss a tutorial on how print on demand customized T-Shirt Business works. For those who are interested in venturing into this profitable t shirt business, catch you in our next post.

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