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    Monday, July 25, 2022

    Top 10 Reasons Creepypasta Anime Characters Will Make Good Sales on POD Business

    Do you know that creepypasta meme and anime designs printed on your t shirts or other valuable print on demand product is a profitable idea to include on your POD business? Whether the designs are printed on your hoodie, books, sweatshirt, hank tops, mugs, leggings, bag packs, posters etc, turning your ideas into custom t shirt design or premium products can make you a lot of money on the internet. Creepypasta is a short scary fictional story written and published on the internet with the intention to scare, chill or make the reader nervy when reading because they create horror and paranormal scenes. These stories are fun to read as they create a bittersweet feeling or experience to the readers. These horror stories over the time have gain more popularity from many readers with their fictional characters gaining much fans who are crazy about them. 

    creepy pasta anime design

    So as a t shirt designer, I tried making a design of some of my favorite creepypasta anime characters to sell and guess what? The results to me was wonderful. Making over $721 profit with 102 items sold in just two weeks. You can see the screenshot further below as proof.

    So one had to asked me "is a t shirt business profitable in 2022"? Then i would say definitely yes! Cause I have seen great result in my inventory. I discovered that creepy pastas meme are one of the most unique and exceptional designs, they might look scary but they are cool and fun. If you are one of those that would like to have a creepypasta anime character designs printed on your t-shirt, mugs, hoodie, sweatshirt, posters phone case etc inventory to sell, then you need to consider reading my article to know why you should go ahead. You could also make some bucks selling your favorites creepypasta anime designs on print on demand products mostly on some popular POD platforms like printful, printify, redbubble, etsy, shopify, Moteefe, teesprings etc. So let us get you through with 10 reasons creepy pasta designs should be among your POD collections.


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    My Little Experience Selling Creepypasta Anime designs

    I used to have some pretty good inventory on one of my POD platform moteefe with just few sales every week and sometimes i go two to three weeks without a single sale. So i decided to try a new thing by including these creepypasta anime characters on some t shirts and hoodie. After doing my keyword research, i discovered some of the top characters in the horror stories got a lot of fans. Then I created two designs each for the following creepypasta characters Jeff the killer, the Skin taker, Sally and the Rake, I was surprised to make a lot of sales from my POD online store. This is a new discovery I must confess because I never thought people would like to have these scary images of their fictional anime characters printed on their t shirts, mugs or other belongings. I did this and got a lot of orders which are still currently coming in numbers. See the report of my profits below.


    creepypasta character design


    I had just 17 successful campaigns, sold just 102 items with a whopping $721 profit as at the time of publishing this article. I was amazed at this outcome so i wish to share with my readers. Just keep pushing and trying new things, you will surely get it right.


    Sometimes you need to try something crazy to get crazy results huh! That’s exactly what I did and I am glad it worked out fine for me. Creepypasta characters in the stories got huge fans and these fans are crazy to have their designs printed on their products as well. This is why I decide to share my experience with my readers for those who would like to copy this strategy. Creepypasta anime designs are good and will surely make you money if you consider them in your print on demand t shirt business collections. Below are the reasons why you should consider them.


    Reasons why Creepypasta Anime designs are Good Market for your POD Business.

    The Print on Demand business is saturated with a lot of designs no doubt, sometimes you need to think out of the box to calve out your own niche or design that people would love to have. My journey and purpose on this platform is to expose some hidden niches to my readers and show them how to venture into most of the niches and make good money. Below are reasons why you should try some of the creepypasta meme designs like the one below on your POD collections too.


    creepypasta character t shirts

    1. They are Unique Designs

    Creepy pasta meme designs are on a different level because they look completely different from other regular designs. You can easily create a similar design of the characters with a different outlook on your own without being hit by copyright infringement.


    2. They are Trendy

    In as much as others see creepy pasta anime as strange characters, there are still a bunch of creepy pasta lovers out there who wear them and they have successfully made it a trendy design for those who like horror. You will never know how true this is until you try it out. People love creepypasta designs especially when the characters are perfectly created and fitted on products.


    3. They are Weird Designs

    Yes creepypasta designs look weird because of the scary anime images it carry and that weirdness is exactly why creepypasta designs are the best, looking basic and regular can really get boring you know. This designs will surely be loved by weird people especially those who want to be seen as weirdos. 


    4. They are Exciting

    Every creepy pasta anime lover can relate to this. It is exciting to wear eye catching designs. People look at what you wear, what you have; they are terrified but still love it too. These eye-catching designs will make sales too if sold online.


    5. Adventurous

    Creepypasta meme designs when worn or embedded on your product gives you a sense of adventure and nothing feels better than been adventurous.


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    6. Feel of Reality

    Because most creepypastas characters are fictional beings, wearing a creepy pasta character design gives you the feeling of character reality or realness. That feeling you get when someone recognize “Jeff the Killer” picture printed on your t shirt makes it real.


    7. They are Cool

    Ever worn a creepy pasta meme hoodie while walking on the street on a Sunday evening?. Just maybe you will have a feeling of cool. Creepy pasta designs are generally cool but wearing a hoodie creepypasta is the major cool especially during the Halloween period.


    8. The Attention

    Creepy pasta designs are catchy and attractive no doubt; they attract a lot of attention and turn many heads towards you. What feels better than rocking a t shirt design that makes you the center of attention? It feels amazingly good huh?


    9. Mysterious Designs

    Creepy pasta meme designs will always be a mystery to people who do not wear them. The stares, thoughts and even questions from people mind who do not understand creepy pasta makes the design seem like some sort of mystery or it is safe to say it is a mystery to them. That in itself is a great feeling because people will definitely love talking about them and their designs.


    10. Boldness

    Creepy pasta anime designs also signify boldness. Being bold and daring means wearing creepy pasta designs to the core. If reading creepypasta stories are scary due to its horror scenes, then it takes one to be bold enough to wear their designs too. People who love exposing their boldness will definitely want to purchase t shirts with horror creepypasta images and inscriptions printed on them.


    So will people Love my Creepypasta Anime designs?

    Yes of course, they would love your designs greatly. If a couple of creepypasta fans like my designs and purchase them, they will definitely be interested in yours too. Creepy pasta readers are glued to the stories they read. The fear and chills from reading scary stories is fascinating. Not necessarily, a pleasurable emotion but the suspense and entertainment plus the feeling of safety knowing fully well it is nothing beyond just a story makes fear a fascinating feeling.



    Creepypasta stories are the real roller coaster with so many horror looking characters. They work handy with your imaginations and fascinate your desires. Reading a story about creepypasta character Sally with a t shirt on can be so engaging. Creepypastas are horror stories published on the internet. They are fictional stories but scary and interesting in an addictive way. Jeff the killer, the Skin Taker, Rake and Sally are amongst the most popular creepypasta characters on the internet with Sally as the main antagonist. Sally has to be one of the most scary creepypasta characters but people still love them. 


    Although this article does not contain any of this horror, interesting stories. We only discuss how to take advantage of the horror niche designs and make sales on our POD inventory, which you too can do the same. If people love the creepypasta characters so much, surely they would like to have the memes printed boldly on their t shirts, hoodie, sweatshirt, iphone case and other belongings too.

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