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    Thursday, September 1, 2022

    How to Customize Tshirt and Sell to Make Money

    Custom printed tee shirts business is a niche that allows you to express your creativity, designing skills, explore your potentials and be paid for it. Custom made tee shirts have a good demand in the market and if you are wondering how to customize and sell your tshirts you might want to check our previous comprehensive article on how customized tshirts design and sale business works. Custom tee shirt designs must not necessarily be done by you that is if you really do not know how to work with graphics. Customization can be done by other professional printers all you need to do is give them your intended designs and they will interpret it on your tee shirt. The designs also does not have to be necessarily your sole idea, you can buy designs from professional designers and print on your tee shirts.


    customized tshirt sell

    Although you can find custom t shirt printing companies near you, that will do a perfect and cheap printing job for a fee. You can also find a couple of print on demand websites that sell custom tshirt designs online if you do not want to handle the printing aspect yourself.


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    So how can I design my own Custom t shirts?

    Designing custom tee shirts is made easy with the presence of the internet and some offline or online designing tools. If you are good in using free offline designing software like Corel draw, Photoshop, paint etc, you can create amazing designs for your t shirts. Otherwise, use online free graphic design tools like Adobe Express, Canva, customink, rushordertees etc to make good designs. You can decide to subscribe to the pro version to unlock amazing features that would be helpful to your designing skills. These tee shirt design online tools comes with mockups and t-shirt design templates that will make your designing output perfect.


    Where to Sell Custom Tshirts Online

    Without an offline shop, you can still make sales across borders without hurdles. Social media has been a very useful tool in the hands of modern day marketers and they have since leveraged on it with huge success recorded over the years. There are a lot of social media platforms to sell your custom design t shirts. Instagram is a great platform for e sales, Twitter is also a very market friendly platform, Facebook is even better because it allows you create an e shop on your handle and has a feature called “the market place” where all listings are featured there in, with just one click a potential customer can easily find your product.


    Having a Shopify store also works great for global online sales. This has been quite a successful tool for many tee shirt businesses. I strongly recommend and encourage having a shopify store for a custom-made tee shirts considering the many advantages attached to it.


    Drop shipping also works perfectly because of social media, it connects all the parties involved regardless of distance. For clarity drop shipping or drop sales is acting the intermediary between buyer and product, simply connecting buyers to products and getting your commissions. You can successfully market the products and make gain without even having them physically with you by drop shipping for the seller.


    Best Print on Demand website for Tshirt Design and Sell


    Sourcing custom-made tee shirts near me has never been a struggle because of its popularity and high demand. Selling custom-made products is profitable and easy to do if you get the right information and follow the right guide, you will succeed.


    How to Sell Customized T shirts Offline

    Offline stores are not discouraged either when selling custom printed tee shirts. It works and has its advantages too. Makes transactions short and easy for both seller and buyer. Combining both will even be better as you will get the chance to display your products to more potential buyers and gain more sales. You might choose to customize and sell or work strictly by customize on demand, which ever works better for you is fine but always be sure to meet the need of the customer because a happy customer equals more referrals and more referrals equals more sales and more money in the long run.


    So what t-shirt size sells the most?

    T-shirts are ordered and packaged in various sizes and they come in small, medium, large, extra-large and larger sizes. Based on our research on tshirt sales in 2021, Large is the common shirt size that sells the most with about 32 percent sales. Then medium size t shirts sells about 29 percent, while extra large sold about 21 percent with small size t shirts been ordered less than 15 percent. 


    What color of t-shirt sell the most?

    Based on comparative analysis from t-shirt buyers online in 2021, black colored t shirts sells the most. Then followed by the color Navy, White, Charcoal, Red, Royal, Military green, Hue green, Heather Gray, Pink, and Yellow etc.


    So in a nutshell, customized t-shirt printing and sales is still very lucrative online business to venture into if only you have the right information. Customize shirts are loved and demanded by a lot of people for so many occasion. Although the custom t shirt market is saturated but if you do your research well to find what is trending, then you will have a good lead on what will sell in the market. People react mostly to what is trending and in my subsequent article post on this blog, I will be writing on how to find what is trending and then use the trends to your advantage.

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