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    Sunday, September 18, 2022

    Can I Use Free Google Images for my POD Product Designs? Here is What to do

    Using free images on Google search is one of the best and fastest ways to get image resources for your designing project. Whether you are a professional designer or just a blogger looking for photos to include on your blog, getting these image photos on google image search is quicker and faster if actually you do not know how to design a photo for yourself. However, there is obviously a problem of image right violation, which you need to consider properly before downloading and using any free image on google for commercial use. Especially when you try to use these images printed on your print on demand products to sell. You will surely face a violation of intellectual rights on your products designs if you are not permitted to use such photos. 


    Printing designs on tee shirts and selling is quite easy until you receive a violation strike on your print on demand products store then you will know how awful copying peoples images can be. If you want to know how you can get free images with no copyright protection and how to copy other people’s designs without been penalized for copyright, then keep reading. I will expose these tricks for you and they are pure legal tricks that will not get you any illegal strikes on your products.


    Can I use Free Images on Google for my POD Product Designs?

    One of my blog readers asked this question in one of our blog post here if he could use free images on Google Images to design his print on demand products and sell. The straight answer is Yes, if these photos are under creative commons but you must give the owners credits. Google has a collection of free images no copyright stock photos you can use for your designs and captions. But make sure you do not use google images with commercial copyrights without permission. Yes some persons might use and get away with it but if you are planning to grow big as a brand, steer away from using copyright protected resources without proper permission.


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    Where to Get Free Images without Copyrights Protection

    So apart from free google images, you can as well outsource free images and photos from some reputable websites that has stock of images free. If you do not have the money to purchase images online, you can start with getting free images from the websites I will list for you below. They have hundreds of thousands database of photos of all kind for your project work. I just listed few of this website for you but they are hundreds of websites you can find online that have free images for your designs.


    1. Pngtree.com

    Pngtree is a picture database website founded in 2016. The picture material website gives you access to millions of free high quality images and stock photos you can use for your design projects. They provide free download for png images, vectors and backgrounds. They comes in different formats like pngs, PSD, EPS, AI, Wall paper both free and premium versions.


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    2. Seeklogo.com

    Seeklogo is another world largest picture database that host a lot of vector, png, logo templates and other image file formats materials you can get both free or paid. Seeklogo is mainly for people who make logo designs but it is also useful for graphic artist because of its rich resources. If you are a professional graphic designer or just a simple print on demand merchant and need a simple designing for your products, then outsourcing seeklogo free images for your graphic work is idea.


    3. Pixabay.com 

    Pixabay have over a million free images of free pictures for your photography design work. The website was launched in 2010, and it currently contains huge image resources for graphic designers. On pixabay, you will get free illustrations, vector graphics, png photos and some image footage to use for your work.


    4. Pexels.com 

    Pexels is an image and video stock photography website in Germany which was launched in 2014. The website is updated with thousands of new images, high quality stock photos you can use for free every day. Some of the images needs no attribution and they are copyright free. This means you can use them and they are free for commercial use. Pexels contains free stock photos and videos you can use without restrictions. If you are a video content creator, you will find this website useful as well.


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    5. Freepik.com 

    Freepik is one of the largest website that has collections of free images, graphics, illustration and free customizable icons and stickers you can use for your designing project. With over 27 million image resources, you will find all the necessary graphic designs you can re-edit to your taste or even use for free without receiving any copyright violations.


    Can I use Freepik for Print on Demand Product Design?

    Freepik is one of the best image resource website you can use for your print on demand project. This website contains millions of free vectors, illustrations, stock photos, customizable icons, stickers, PSD and background images you can use without restrictions. Yes you can use freepik for your print on demand product designs but it has to be tweaked to avoid copyright violations. Make sure you do not use freepik image or photo as the main element of your print design. Using freepik images as the focal point of your design will violate their copyright and you cannot use it for printing. So do not use freepik art as the front or centre of your design but you can use it as a background image or an image that is not a focus point.


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    So the question most people now asked regarding copyrights issues is whether they can copy exactly the same design from a competitor. The answer is simply NO. You cannot copy exactly the same design from a competitor or any other designer whether professional or non-professional designer. You are not allowed to make identical reproduction of any clip art or designs of another unless you make major alterations on the designs that makes it look totally different from the original designer. You can change the font format, colors and designs to look different from the other and it will be okay.

    Sadly so many people do copy other people's designs and try to commercialize it without investigating how easy it can be to simply get permission to copy such designs. They just do it and then complain when they get banned permanently from Etsy, Amazon, Printify and other reputable platform. Yes you can get away with it for a while but only until you are finally caught and your whole effort and brand will be taken down. So strive to do the right thing and get the right permission before you copy.

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