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    Wednesday, September 21, 2022

    How to Start Selling Custom Design T-Shirts on Moteefe

    Selling custom design t shirts online is one of the many ways of making passive income from the internet. If you are one of those looking for ways you can make some money working comfortably at home, here is one great opportunity I wish to introduce to you. Although there are many money making opportunities you can find on the internet, but it is best to grab one, practice and master it before you move to the other. With just one money making method, you can hit your first hundred thousands or  million dollars if you follow the right steps judiciously. Here on this article, I will show you how to register on moteefe as a merch, upload your designs on the products you want to sell, promote them and make money.


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    Moteefe is one of the best print on demand merchant platform that provides all the tools you need to create a customizable t shirt using your unique design and upload them on your platform. It is very simple and straight forward with just few clicks on the website, your customized t shirts are uploaded and ready for orders. Below you shall learn a few things about moteefe pod website, what the company does, how to be a complete merch, and how to publish your first custom design t shirt on the platform. A thousand steps they said begins with one-step. So let us start with the first step and then we move forward gradually.


    What is Moteefe? 

    Moteefe is a London based open platform that provides merchants with the best opportunity to sell customized products like custom design t shirts and other merch all over the world. It is an upcoming e-commerce platform for print on demand merchandise business. Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and micro retailers to design, create and sell customized products to their customers around the globe. Products on moteefe ranges from printed t-shirts, tanks, mugs, phone cases, face mask, pillowcases, or engraved jewelries, which are customized to the taste of the customers who ordered for them. 


    They have different colors, styles, designs and sizes to choose. There is no upfront cost and no minimum order, which stand a good advantage over other POD platforms. With moteefe, you do not need a startup cost, which means you do not need to pay any dime to start selling tees and making money on the platform. They make the products and sell while you get your commission. All you have to do is be creative with your designs and make an expressive campaign that will drive customers or clients to the products and sell. Moteefe have quality printing facilities and machinery, which means customers, will be happy with what they ordered and got delivered to them. The printing and fulfillment responsibilities are all handled by the platform. Their order delivery is also topnotch, which means, moteefe ship from the location closest to their customer in other to meetup with on time delivery.


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    Where is the Company Moteefe Located? 

    Known as one of the best new print on demand companies growing in strength in Europe. Moteefe is a private merchant online platform founded in 2014. It has a 3.8 rating by her customers as at the time of publishing this article. Moteefe is currently located in London, England, with branch offices in Hanoi, Lisbon and St Petersburg.


    Where Does Moteefe Ship its Products From?

    With a lot of printing facilities, moteefe is capable of shipping from wide range of countries across the world. Moteefe ships from United Kingdom, Germany, United State of America, Italy, Netherlands and Czech Republic as at the time of writing this article. This is to ensure quick delivery to customers, who place an order for their product to receive orders within time limit.


    So Who owns Moteefe? 

    According to an interview with the company's agent in 2017 at www.finsmes.com reveals that, Mathijs Eefting is the co-founder and CEO of moteefe. As at the time of writing this article, the company boast of having over 107+ workers in London, St Petersburg, Lisbon.


    So How do I Become a Merch and Start Selling Customized T Shirts on Moteefe?

    Selling moteefe t-shirts and moteefe products on their social based online platform is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is follow our simple step-by-step guide to learn how you too can do so. 

    Go to www.moteefe.com and click on signup. 

    Click on Start Selling or Sell Now to register on the platform. You can register with your email address or Facebook account. 


    moteefe signup


    Enter your email address and your password and tick to confirm you are above 18 years of age and agree with their terms and condition. After signing up, you should login. 


    As a new beginner, when you login to your dashboard, you should take a tour around to understand few sections on the platform before launching a campaign. Here we shall show you step by step guides on how to launch your first campaign on this platform and start promoting it to get orders. A campaign is simply the sales page where you upload your print on demand products like t shirts, pillows, mugs etc and sell. Having a perfect print on demand campaign page on moteefe might seems so hard but it is simple to create. To some it might seems too simple but there are a lot of intricacies you need to consider in other to make maximum sales and increase conversion rate. This article will help you with some basic tips you actually need to make profit. So here we go.


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    Under this sub topic, you shall learn how to sign up on moteefe.com, how to create a campaign, how to design a product and then how to start earning money from your campaign.

    How to Sign up on Moteefe.com

    Signing up on moteefe is easy, just follow the steps we already taught in the previous steps up there, you will do that successfully. Otherwise, click on sign in at the top right corner, then click on signup at the top center of the webpage. Then it will display like the picture you see below. 


    moteefe register

    Now you can sign in with your Facebook account or enter your email address and password in the spaces provided. Tick to confirm you are more than 18 years and tick to agree with the terms and condition of the website. Then click on signup. After that, you will have to login your email address and verify your moteefe account.

    How to Create a Campaign

    Now that you have registered, sign in your moteefe account to see your dashboard. At the top of your dashboard, click on campaign as shown by the red arrow pointing.

    moteefe review


    the next page will display your campaign dashboard where you will have to upload your design. Here you will upload an image you have already designed and saved on your computer. You can read my article on how to create designs for your custom t-shirt and print on demand business if you do not know yet how to create a design. For optimum printing quality on moteefe, you need to use vector graphics or images with PNG, JPG or SVG formats with a minimum resolution of 2400px width by 3300px height at 300 dpi. Your image size should not be more than 50MB. 


    Now if your designed image is ready for upload, click on upload your design.


    moteefe com tshirts


    Once your image is uploaded successfully, you will be asked to select products for your campaign. Selecting more than 9 products gives you a maximum success rate. Also remember that, your niche will determine the type of products you should select. 




    From the dashboard, you can also switch product colour from black to white to match the design you upload. Now click on edit on any of the product variant you would like to edit and add to your campaign and start editing. 



    Here you can edit your designs, choose your colors and set the asking price for your customers before you add to your campaign list. 


    motifs moteefe


    When you are done editing, click preview to see how your product looks. Then click ‘back to products’ to go back to your page then click save and continue. 


    Then choose name and description for your campaign, fill the necessary details in the field provided. => Now set your shopping cart upsell by giving discount to your customers. 


    moteefe reviews

    Here on my campaign, I will be giving a discount of 10% after they have purchase a product. You can set your discount in percentage or set a price tag. It is the easiest way to increase sales. 


    Now set the timing of your campaign, when it will launch and when it will end. You can relaunch your campaign when it ends. After you are done with the settings, you can then Launch your campaign by clicking on Launch Campaign.

    moteefe shirts


    Voilaa! Your campaign has been launched successfully. You can now download your mockup and use it for adverts. This is how to create a campaign. In our next tutorial, we shall discuss how to create and combine the collections of your campaigns under your store.

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