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    Sunday, September 11, 2022

    How to Print a Design on T-Shirt that will Last Longer

    Hello everyone I am looking for a POD company that can print solid photos onto a T-shirt like in the example photo "shown below". I have tried DTG but the print fades after a couple of months. I will like something that is gonna last a while with the fabric. This is one of the questions we got in our Print on demand Facebook group which i wish to address in our blog post today. T-shirt printing is one of the most popular selling print on demand products you can find both online and offline. But the downside of this popular design and sell business is that, a lot of client feel discouraged with the quality of printing on shirts services they get after delivery is done. Most clients comes to drop negative feedback after few months on their displeasure of the quality of photo printing they get on their tshirts. In my previous article, we answered the question Is print on demand business still profitable and worth it? make sure you read it too.
    print design t-shirt

    After finding a printing on shirts near me company to demand for a particular photo to be printed on your garment or tshirt, then few months passed, the photo design begins to fade out. That is quite frustrating to most buyers out there and they feel they have been ripped off. For this reason, I feel the concern for quality photo printing on tee shirts should be handled by the seller. Here I will show you according to our experience how to get a quality printing service for your print on demand business that will make your clients appreciate your work and order for more items from your store. 
    Reading this article, I believe you have been looking for a printing on tee shirt company near you that can print solid photos or designs on a t-shirt that will be clear and long lasting as seen in the picture above. If you have tried Direct to Garment printing but the graphic suddenly fades out after a couple of months and you want a durable printing that would last longer, then follow one or more of these advice we will give to you in this article. You will get a better result.

    So what Kind of Print is Best for T-shirts that will Last long?

    Looking for what type of t-shirt printing that will last the longest for your fabric material. Then you should keep reading. Some of these POD companies online have different types of printing services but as a POD store owner, you will have to choose or suggest which of the printing method you want for your product if you want some personalization done as directed by your client.

    Try DTF (Direct To Film) Printing

    If you have tired other types of printing on tshirts and they do not last longer as you expected, then I suggest you try DTF printing on t-shirts. DTF means Direct to Film, which involves printing your graphic image or design directly onto a film and then transferring the design to your tshirt. For a better quality output, make sure you use DTF on tee shirts made of polyester and cotton and you will achieve a great and long lasting result for your client. 

    Choose a better Fabric Material

    The most efficient t-shirt printing companies look out for what type of printing method would fit the fabric they intend printing a design on. Before you choose what kind of printing on tshirt method to choose, I suggest you should consider the fabric material for t-shirt printing before picking the appropriate printing method and compare the cost so that you will not be operating on loses. While DTG printing seems to last longer on cotton material, DTF printing last longer on cotton and polyester material. Screen printing also last longer on cotton fabric and for durability on polyester or polycotton tshirt material, you should use sublimation printing instead. While the material shirt that is best for vinyl and heat pressing printing is cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends.

    Find Printing on shirts near you

    If you are looking for the best printing quality for your tshirts fabric material, then locating a printing services near you is the idea thing to do. It will help reduce cost of traveling long distance just to get your work done before shipping to the buyer. You should use keywords like the following to find the closest t-shirt printing near your location. Just type “finding printing on t-shirt near texas, t shirt printing Brooklyn, screen printing near me, t shirt print shops near me, tee shirt printing near me, finding printing near me, tshirt printing near me, cheap t-shirt printing company" etc. Searching such keywords online will suggest the closest and cheapest t-shirt printing company near you to choose.

    Find Quality Tee Shirt Printers

    Finding the best quality fabric material for your tshirt and what type of printing will fit on and last longer is the first thing you must have to consider. First, choose what printing type you want to go for or ask your client for the type of printing on t-shirts they would prefer before you decide what printing method to use on the product to avoid unnecessary cancellation of orders. The fabrics to use for tshirt printing includes Polyester/Cotton, wool/cotton, linen/cotton, linen/silk, 100% cotton, Poli-cotton blend, tri-blends, 100% polyester etc. Make sure the printing type matches with the fabric for durability sake.

    Join Tee Shirt Printing Facebook Groups

    There are plenty Facebook groups on t-shirt printing services you can find and join. Finding and joining a considerate amount of Facebook community groups on your desire niche will help you a lot. Whether you are interested solely on providing tee shirt printing services or planning to outsource your printing work, then sharing ideas with like minds on the community group will help you get faster result. You will get the best print on demand companies that offer quality printing on tshirt services suggested to you by members of the community group who have worked with them before.
    So with the above suggested tips, if you follow them carefully you will definitely get a quality printing on tshirt services with great graphic image designs that will last long as the fabric does. Make sure you choose majority polyester material for your tshirt fabric with the desire printing type to match. With this, you will get a better quality result for your product.

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