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    Wednesday, February 1, 2023

    10 Expert Tips on Earning with Print on Demand Business you Must Know

    If you are reading this article, then i suggest you want to know how to earn profitable income with print on demand business. POD business is hard to start but worth it if you really venture into this online business with the right information and tools. One of our blog readers recently ask if it is possible to make money with print on demand, is print on demand business still profitable? yes the answer is a capital YES. Print on demand is worth it and can provide passive income for you online if you take it serious. Success requires learning and practice. Learn, understand and practice, you will achieve success especially when you are consistent with your efforts. There is a popular saying that comfort is like a drug and once you get used to it, it becomes addictive. The comfort zone is where dreams go to rest. If you cannot leave your comfort zone to start something reasonable online this year, then you are in for a long rough ride. 


    earning with print on demand


    Print on demand business is not a get rich quick scheme or program you can just get in and achieve success immediately. Just like any other serious online business, print on demand can be tasking, tiring, time consuming, capital intensive and resource consuming but if you continue been consistent with your work, you will surely build a seven figure online business for yourself with time. 

    According to John Heywood, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Yes but the truth is, Rome was not built because people did nothing while waiting for something to happen. Rome was built brick-by-brick, day in day out by serious minded people who had a target and were ready to achieve it no matter the circumstance. If you handle your POD business with the same serious mind-set, you will surely make it happen and achieve success. 

    Here on this informative blog post, you will read a compiled a list of 10 facts you need to know about making money with print on demand products before you put in efforts in the journey. 


    10 Facts About Making Money with Print on Demand Business you need to know.


    Your Store Platform Matters a lot.

    It is very important to consider the platform you want to build before venturing into a print on demand business. Different platforms offer different and unique services for your store. You can choose between plethora pod platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Printful, Subliminator, Pillow profits, Gelato, Printify, Teelaunch, Amazon Merch, CafePress, Moteefe, Rebubble etc, which are few of the very best print on demand platforms you can design and sell your craft easily. Research to find out which of the POD platform is suitable to your region or where your major customers resides.

    Develop Good Marketing Skills

    Good marketing skills is one important thing you must have in other to get sales on your store. Take advantage of festive periods and holidays to create discount codes to increase your sales. Make sure you take note of your customer’s likes and dislikes including feedback. Capitalize on them to increasing your bargaining power. 


    Make Money Selling other People’s Designs.

    Most people find it difficult creating designs for their products. If you cannot design your products by yourself or hire a designer to help you with astonishing designs, then you can promote other people’s designs to make money. This works mostly for people who already have a targeted audience to advertise their products to. I had a friend who promote other people’s wrapping paper print on demand products to her Christmas shopper’s audience on Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok and Facebook, and makes a lot of sales during Christmas and New year period. 


    You do not Need to be a Good Designer to Make Sales.

    Yes, another fact about print on demand business is that, you actually do not have to be a good designer to make sales from your store. Mostly, simple designs with comical inscription makes most sales if you advertise to a targeted audience. You can as well hire or outsource good designers from Fiverr, 99designs.com, Upwork.com or freelancer.com, if you want compelling designs. These websites has great designs you can purchase and use without worrying about copyright issues. 


    Print on Demand T-Shirt will Make you Money.

    Despite the custom clothing business been saturated with customized tshirts designs, you can still make money selling tshirt designs. They are still considered the most profitable and high in demand pod products you can venture into. All you need do is find a targeted audience, design a simple but attractive t-shirt, and advertise to them, you will sure see orders coming in you would expect. 


    Sell Personal Customized Products.

    Personal customized products are the products you allow your customers to customize at their taste before they order. If you allow them to make some changes they would like to include on the custom product, they you will get orders. Try selling engaging products that has emotional reaction from customers. Make sure your products can be easily customized by the customers themselves before they order. 


    Be Emotional with your Designs.

    When your designs carry emotional messages or signs that are envious, excitement, jealousy, happiness or awe-inspiring, people love them so much as they would want to buy because of the strong desire they have to pass a message to the audience. These strong desires will surely increase conversion rates. 


    Other POD Items too are Gold Mine.

    Do not concentrate more resources on promoting only one product like customized tshirt designs, you can try other hot print on demand products and discover they are gold mine. You can sell items like leashes, collars, bowls, harness, bow tie, or you can read this article other print on demand products you can sell to make money online, to discover other hot in demand products you can sell as customized items.


    You Can Make a Living with POD Business.

    You can actually make a living selling print on demand products online if you treat this hustle like a real business, which it is. One of the most successful print on demand mogul I know is Joe Roberts, who is killing it big time with pod business. We also have similar well-known successful POD money-makers like Emilia Jones and Ryan Hogue etc. If they are making over seven figures monthly with print on demand business, then I think anyone too can. 


    The Number of Designs does not Matter.

    Another important fact you need to understand about this online business is that, your success with sales on your store has nothing to do with your number of designs. You could have over 300 beautiful designs with no single sale for weeks and yet have only 10 awkward looking designs with daily sales on your store. It has actually nothing to do with your designs but pitching your customized product design towards your targeted audience who will love them and then decide to pull out their credit cards to make orders. 


    Most POD Platform Sell Crap Items.

    My dear folks in POD business, if you think you can launch a store without first testing the quality of the print on demand products yourself, you will be in this journey for a very short period of time. This is because, most POD platform are producing cheap and crappy stuff that are much worse than roadside crappy products. Selling these items to your customers without you ordering for samples yourself will hurt your store big time in the long run. This is just a bad business practice and most of your customers will give a thumb down to your store. 


    So follow the instructions, guidelines and advice given on this website, you will get exactly the result you looking for. Feel free to surf the site and ask any questions you feel like asking. We are here for you, and you are free to check on any of our articles that interest you and drop a comment below if you have any question or contribution. You are welcome.

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