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    Tuesday, January 31, 2023

    Other Profitable POD Products you can Sell other than T-shirts

    Are you an ardent tshirt designer merchant but still yet to make any sales from your print on demand store? Or do you make low sales on tshirts, but would like to improve your sales by trying other profitable print on demand products? Here we got you covered with whole lots of products and items that are hot in demand you can possibly choose. Therefore, if you are bored selling designed tshirts on your pod store, you should try some of these alternative products that are ever hot in demand listed below. 

    profitable pod products


    Hot Selling Print on Demand Products other than Tshirts 

    Selling T-shirt Dress

    Tshirt dress is a long dress that pass below the kneels mostly worn by women. A customized tshirt dress has design printed all over the products instead of only the front chest or back. This particular product is great alternative to regular POD tshirts. And it is evident that they makes a lot of sales daily from popular POD companies. 


    Selling Kids Customized Clothes

    children dress


    Kids customized clothing are one of the items you can list and sell easily especially on etsy and amazon merch. If selling tshirts are becoming too boring for you, you can try selling kids clothing or toys handles listed on etsy. Etsy is a good marketplace to explore new products and also get market feedback for free. It is definitely a big marketplace for shopping children's clothes are personalized craft. 


    Customized Sneakers

    customized sneakers

    People love putting on unique stuffs, so designing unique sneakers will make you a lot of sales. You can start crushing it with great sales selling shoes like customized sneakers. They are high profit opportunity selling these shoes. 


    Dog Harnesses


    Dog harnesses and other dog accessories like collars, dresses, leashes, beds, dog apparel etc are also profitable print on demand products dog lovers are constantly searching to buy on daily basis. If you can find a good supplier company with custom printing that look the same as your designs, chances are that you will get overwhelmed with good number of orders daily. 


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    Other Profitable Print on Demand Products

    Other print on demand products you can include on your POD store to make more sales includes the followings. Foot mats, Blankets, Throw pillows, Cardboard boxes or Storage containers, kids hooded blanket, 3D wall decors, coffee mugs, plaques, Keys holders, eye patches, jogging suits, cotton/polyester, Kaftans, Metal wall art, Raincoat, Books, Fuzzy PJ pants, Laptop cases, Outdoor furniture cushions or covers, Motorcycle helmets, Cotton bed linen, bamboo baby clothes, luggage covers, travel mug, gift wrap papers, Horror Christmas, Creepmas, Jigsaw Santa. Creepmas wrapping paper, Jigsaw with Santa hat etc.


    Please not that, you need to research on each of these products before you start including them on your store for sale. Research to find your market audience; try to know the where their region is and how they want their products printed, find the suppliers that offer the print on demand product you choose to sell and know if they offer shipping to your targeted audience region. Mind you, you would not want to be spending that much on shipping so that you can make enough profit. You need to have suppliers in your region to be able to minimize the cost of shipping.

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