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    Friday, September 22, 2023

    How I Made over $2000 Per Week with just My Laptop

    The purpose of this blog is to teach you practical ways on how to build your own passive income both online and offline for free. It is no doubt that, there are so many ways you can earn a living online if you keep trying out so many things on your own like selling crafts online for free but however, you can simply get a mentor to teach you quickly from their experiences if you do not want to wait that long. Here on my blog, I decided to share multiple ways you can earn passive income online to you for free. 


    make over $2000 selling online

    So few days ago, a fan of this blog asked this question ‘How can I make $2,000 per week with just my laptop?’ Yea that is a good question and I must tell you that, you have many ways to use your laptop and make money online. Here is one practical way I am going to show you from my experience. One good thing is, you can use this method in any country you are. 


    Here I am from Canada, a migrant to Canada to be precise and it took me just few months to get this method going quite well with over $2000 worth of profit per week. Here is what I did. 


    1. Go to tiktok and find a trending product to buy and resell. I did a research and stumble upon a product that was manufactured in the United States. I knew this product was quality and would sell well in Canada. Do your research very well. The key to success is finding a product that solves a problem. 

    The 7-in-1 Computer keyboard cleaner brush kit, earphone cleaning Pen for headset iPad phone cleaning tools, cleaner keycap puller kits as shown above, was the first product i bought and resold to some of my computer lessons classmates.

    make over $2000 online

    2. Then I contacted the manufacturing company in the United States and told them our intention to promote their products through buying and selling. We would like to pre purchase your product and resell here in Canada. I told them our experience with the product and ask the best deal they could give if I buy to resell their products in bulk. All these conversation took place on phone calls and emails. 


    This product was worth $10.99 US dollars per item however, when buying in bulk, it was sold to me at $6 US dollars per item, which the equivalent is $8.28 CAD. I sold the item in Canada using my website at $18.99 CAD. Remember, I already bought little quantity of the products and resold to some few persons and some indicated interest to buy more.


    3. The retail price agreed was almost half of the retail price of similar product in Canada. This means, I actually made about a 100% profit selling the products myself, or get the manufacturers drop ship the purchase for us and make over 25% in profit if i decide to go into drop shipping.

    4. This is what I did. Created a website and wrote a promotional blog post about the product, set up a Kijiji Ads to advertise the product to Canadian audience only. Kijiji Ads is the Canadian version of Craigslist or Jiji and it is free. So if you are from another country other than Canada, then I suggest to improvise and use the classified Ads that is more popular in your targeted country.


    5. We sold a total of 285 units and made gross earnings of over $5,412k and a profit of over $3,053k within a month. Shipping fee, taxes, custom duty and exchange rate differential was paid by the purchaser of the products. This is a testing method that works perfectly even though the profit is not that much.

    Yes anybody can do this, you just need to look for a special trending product or seasonal product that solves a problem. It should be a service sector, entertainment market, probiotics, specialty teas or eco-friendly items that people loves to buy. 


    To maximize your sales, you can create a simple sales page, write a short story in your ad copy, run Facebook or Instagram ads with good targeting. If you had like to get more info or want me to guide you along, then shoot us an email through our contact, we will be glad to help you out.

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