Top 10 Reasons Creepypasta Anime Characters Will Make Good Sales on POD Business

Do you know that creepypasta meme and anime designs printed on your t shirts or other valuable print on demand product is a profitable idea to include on your POD business? Whether the designs are printed on your hoodie, books, sweatshirt, hank tops, mugs, leggings, bag packs, posters etc, turning your ideas into custom t shirt design or premium products can make you a lot of money on the internet. Creepypasta is a short scary fictional story written and published on the internet with the intention to scare, chill or make the reader nervy when reading because they create horror and paranormal scenes. These stories are fun to read as they create a bittersweet feeling or experience to the readers. These horror stories over the time have gain more popularity from many readers with their fictional characters gaining much fans who are crazy about them. 

creepy pasta anime design

So as a t shirt designer, I tried making a design of some of my favorite creepypasta anime characters to sell and guess what? The results to me was wonderful. Making over $721 profit with 102 items sold in just two weeks. You can see the screenshot further below as proof.

So one had to asked me "is a t shirt business profitable in 2022"? Then i would say definitely yes! Cause I have seen great result in my inventory. I discovered that creepy pastas meme are one of the most unique and exceptional designs, they might look scary but they are cool and fun. If you are one of those that would like to have a creepypasta anime character designs printed on your t-shirt, mugs, hoodie, sweatshirt, posters phone case etc inventory to sell, then you need to consider reading my article to know why you should go ahead. You could also make some bucks selling your favorites creepypasta anime designs on print on demand products mostly on some popular POD platforms like printful, printify, redbubble, etsy, shopify, Moteefe, teesprings etc. So let us get you through with 10 reasons creepy pasta designs should be among your POD collections.


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My Little Experience Selling Creepypasta Anime designs

I used to have some pretty good inventory on one of my POD platform moteefe with just few sales every week and sometimes i go two to three weeks without a single sale. So i decided to try a new thing by including these creepypasta anime characters on some t shirts and hoodie. After doing my keyword research, i discovered some of the top characters in the horror stories got a lot of fans. Then I created two designs each for the following creepypasta characters Jeff the killer, the Skin taker, Sally and the Rake, I was surprised to make a lot of sales from my POD online store. This is a new discovery I must confess because I never thought people would like to have these scary images of their fictional anime characters printed on their t shirts, mugs or other belongings. I did this and got a lot of orders which are still currently coming in numbers. See the report of my profits below.


creepypasta character design


I had just 17 successful campaigns, sold just 102 items with a whopping $721 profit as at the time of publishing this article. I was amazed at this outcome so i wish to share with my readers. Just keep pushing and trying new things, you will surely get it right.


Sometimes you need to try something crazy to get crazy results huh! That’s exactly what I did and I am glad it worked out fine for me. Creepypasta characters in the stories got huge fans and these fans are crazy to have their designs printed on their products as well. This is why I decide to share my experience with my readers for those who would like to copy this strategy. Creepypasta anime designs are good and will surely make you money if you consider them in your print on demand t shirt business collections. Below are the reasons why you should consider them.


Reasons why Creepypasta Anime designs are Good Market for your POD Business.

The Print on Demand business is saturated with a lot of designs no doubt, sometimes you need to think out of the box to calve out your own niche or design that people would love to have. My journey and purpose on this platform is to expose some hidden niches to my readers and show them how to venture into most of the niches and make good money. Below are reasons why you should try some of the creepypasta meme designs like the one below on your POD collections too.


creepypasta character t shirts

1. They are Unique Designs

Creepy pasta meme designs are on a different level because they look completely different from other regular designs. You can easily create a similar design of the characters with a different outlook on your own without being hit by copyright infringement.


2. They are Trendy

In as much as others see creepy pasta anime as strange characters, there are still a bunch of creepy pasta lovers out there who wear them and they have successfully made it a trendy design for those who like horror. You will never know how true this is until you try it out. People love creepypasta designs especially when the characters are perfectly created and fitted on products.


3. They are Weird Designs

Yes creepypasta designs look weird because of the scary anime images it carry and that weirdness is exactly why creepypasta designs are the best, looking basic and regular can really get boring you know. This designs will surely be loved by weird people especially those who want to be seen as weirdos. 


4. They are Exciting

Every creepy pasta anime lover can relate to this. It is exciting to wear eye catching designs. People look at what you wear, what you have; they are terrified but still love it too. These eye-catching designs will make sales too if sold online.


5. Adventurous

Creepypasta meme designs when worn or embedded on your product gives you a sense of adventure and nothing feels better than been adventurous.


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6. Feel of Reality

Because most creepypastas characters are fictional beings, wearing a creepy pasta character design gives you the feeling of character reality or realness. That feeling you get when someone recognize “Jeff the Killer” picture printed on your t shirt makes it real.


7. They are Cool

Ever worn a creepy pasta meme hoodie while walking on the street on a Sunday evening?. Just maybe you will have a feeling of cool. Creepy pasta designs are generally cool but wearing a hoodie creepypasta is the major cool especially during the Halloween period.


8. The Attention

Creepy pasta designs are catchy and attractive no doubt; they attract a lot of attention and turn many heads towards you. What feels better than rocking a t shirt design that makes you the center of attention? It feels amazingly good huh?


9. Mysterious Designs

Creepy pasta meme designs will always be a mystery to people who do not wear them. The stares, thoughts and even questions from people mind who do not understand creepy pasta makes the design seem like some sort of mystery or it is safe to say it is a mystery to them. That in itself is a great feeling because people will definitely love talking about them and their designs.


10. Boldness

Creepy pasta anime designs also signify boldness. Being bold and daring means wearing creepy pasta designs to the core. If reading creepypasta stories are scary due to its horror scenes, then it takes one to be bold enough to wear their designs too. People who love exposing their boldness will definitely want to purchase t shirts with horror creepypasta images and inscriptions printed on them.


So will people Love my Creepypasta Anime designs?

Yes of course, they would love your designs greatly. If a couple of creepypasta fans like my designs and purchase them, they will definitely be interested in yours too. Creepy pasta readers are glued to the stories they read. The fear and chills from reading scary stories is fascinating. Not necessarily, a pleasurable emotion but the suspense and entertainment plus the feeling of safety knowing fully well it is nothing beyond just a story makes fear a fascinating feeling.



Creepypasta stories are the real roller coaster with so many horror looking characters. They work handy with your imaginations and fascinate your desires. Reading a story about creepypasta character Sally with a t shirt on can be so engaging. Creepypastas are horror stories published on the internet. They are fictional stories but scary and interesting in an addictive way. Jeff the killer, the Skin Taker, Rake and Sally are amongst the most popular creepypasta characters on the internet with Sally as the main antagonist. Sally has to be one of the most scary creepypasta characters but people still love them. 


Although this article does not contain any of this horror, interesting stories. We only discuss how to take advantage of the horror niche designs and make sales on our POD inventory, which you too can do the same. If people love the creepypasta characters so much, surely they would like to have the memes printed boldly on their t shirts, hoodie, sweatshirt, iphone case and other belongings too.

What Print on Demand Products You Can Sell Quickly and Make Money

Knowing the right print on demand products to advertise to your customers is one of the best tips to research on before venturing into the POD business. In one of my previous tutorial article, a reader ask a simple but very important question, which i promised to answer him completely in this article. After reading my article, he asked "What trending products can make a lot of sales when advertised online"? The simple answer is "trends products that are highly in demand makes more sales". That is why they are called print on demand products. But how do we know the products that are on demand or trending? Here in this article, we shall highlight the basic things to lookout for when searching for high in demand product, as well as trends products that are highly on demand in the POD market.

trending products

Making passive income by selling products online is quite achievable provided you find a workable opportunity to venture into. One of the best ways I know you can make passive income online is through selling print on demand products like customizable t-shirts and trending products. Print on demand are one of the hot trending products to sell online. If you are looking for any trending product that sells like hot cakes then you just found yourself a goldmine article that will expose you to the nitty gritty. In one of our previous article, we discussed about How Print on Demand Business Works. Perhaps, you should go read this article in other to understand the nature of this business very well. In this article, we have taken time to research and uncover the in demand customized printed products that presently have a very high demand in the POD market. 

Please note that, this discovery is not limited by demography or race; it is widely accepted and trending across the globe. These products are many in demand but you can just pick a few of them and start building your custom design project and make money. This article could also be helpful to you if you are wondering what item to customize for a gift to a friend, family, associates, celebrants or colleague for any celebratory occasion.

Basic Print on demand products include a wide range of products or items that are normally sought out for by a large number of people. Here we shall mention just a few of them for informational purpose, but you can research more if your product of choice is not found here. Better still drop a suggestive comment via our comment box if you want us to write extensively on any particular product you wish to learn. We will gladly do so.

Here are a list of products or items that can be customized and are popularly demanded across the globe. These items include but are not limited to products like plates, mugs, bags, towels, power banks, key holders, wrappers, food sacks, umbrellas, books, t-shirts, laptop covers or even cars etc. There is very little limitations to customizable items but our focus here is on the frequently demanded products, which are considered trending products that you can easily promote online and make good sales.

1. Customisable t-shirts

Customized t shirts have made it to the top of this long list for several reasons. Customized t-shirts design and sales are considered one of the most trending products with high demands from countries in Europe and America. These product trends mostly on special days like valentine's day, mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter day, Christmas day, Halloween day, thanks giving day, veterans day, HIV AIDs day, Vacation events, Saint Patricks day etc. Tshirts are the best trending products to sell online because of the following features. Tshirts are unisex, t-shirts are the most common type of cloth, tshirts are worn and styled to suit any look, tee shirts are a timeless fashion piece for any gender, tshirts are the easiest and most common type of uniform. 

Your patronage as a designer also depends on your t-shirt designs skills and sometimes humour can be an incentives too. To succeed in custom tshirts design and sale business requires extensive research, planning, creativity and skills. Your creativity has to be top-notch not ignoring the need and trends of your target market. One major ways to gain patronage in custom tshirts design and sales is knowing the mind of your potential customers and communicating it through your designs. When you design what your customers want, it makes it very easy to sell to them. You do not actually need a complicated design to sell; just some few words that captivate and pull your potential customers attention can bring magic sales to your store.

2. Customized Mugs

This has become a trendy customized item and widely gifted on celebrated occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Veterans day etc. In most cases, the face of the celebrant is printed on the mug or a hearty write up, a quotation or wise sayings that captivates the customer’s mind. Selling customized mugs has gained wide acceptance and is selling like hot cakes in the print on demand market space. There are different types of mugs that can be customized. Coffee mugs and coffee cups are listed under such category. In our subsequent article, we shall discuss a step-by-step tutorial on how and where you can design customizable mugs and sell them quickly to a targeted market.

3. Throw Pillows

This product item is fast becoming a trendy gift item in recent times and has gained wide demand in the POD market. The customization or design either comes in a face picture of the recipient boldly printed on it or a hearty wish from the giver to the recipient. Decorative throw pillows sale are mostly in demand from the love and relationship niche. Throw pillows for bed, throw pillow for couch are most cherish when you present the product to your loved ones. You can make sales with this in demand product mostly on Saint Valentine’s Day or as a gift to your lovely mother or father.

4. Books and Writing Materials

Books and writing materials are another high demand products that are printable in the market. These products are trendy because of their use and popularity as a common event souvenir. It is one of the oldest type of print on demand product that has and will hardly go out of fashion. Customized books can come inform of note pads, exercise books or jotters. It is a common souvenir at different events especially celebratory events like, weddings, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, graduation parties, anniversaries, even corporate organizations. These special events have high demand for books and writing materials since they customize their brand on these products as a hallmark and means of advertising. 

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5. Ballpoint Pen

Another important in demand product that can also be customized is ballpoint pens, which can be attached with customized books. Both are writing materials that can never go out of fashion. They are mostly sought out trendy products from academicians.

Furthermore, knowing the most popular demand custom product per time before venturing in the business is key to being successful in this POD niche. Keeping tabs with the times and evolving events is equally important in other to be successful in this particular business. Print on demand business is profitable if carefully done with due consideration to the vital information contained in this article as long as custom tshirt designs and sales are concerned. As a promoter, all you need is research, design skills, a little bit of humour, creativity and a targeted lead to advertise your custom products and make great sells.

Print on Demand T Shirts Business: What you Need to know about this Profitable Enterprise

Print on demand is simply a business process in which, printable items are not printed until an order is placed on such items for the company to print in a particular numbers. These printable products could be tshirts, mugs, books, stickers, wedding printables, home decor, wall art, etc. There is a high-profitable way to earn passive income with print on demand business if you learn to put the right information in place. You should read this article if you want to know how Print on demand business works. Print on demand also known as POD business covers a wide niche but for the purpose of this article, we shall only pin out to limit our discussion solely on printing t-shirts that are placed on order by customers. 

print on demand tshirt

So what does Print on Demand t-shirts mean? 

This is simply an on demand t-shirts that carry the desired design of the customer. Designs could be in form of words, images or drawings, which are normally placed on demand to the printing company, from the customer. Print on demand usually works this way. A client or buyer demands a particular design of choice printed on the T-shirt before purchasing. In some cases, the client might approach the printer with their own plain tees to be designed in their specification. Although, that won’t be necessary when ordering printed t shirts online because most on demand printing companies provides quality plain tees for that purpose.

In a nutshell, print on the demand is done at the instance of a client. It is not a situation of already made shirts where the design is decided and done by the printer before putting up for sale. It can be likened to the culinary sector where there is “buffet” and “à la cart”. Buffet is the already prepared food ready to be eaten while à la cart is food prepared at the instance of a guest. So we can say print on demand is the à la cart in this case.

Ever wondered how the famous T-shirt started?

Long before now, t-shirt sometimes refer to as tees, was only worn as an underwear. At the time of the First World War, the European Soldiers and later the American Soldiers wore t-shirts as comfortable lightweight underwear under their official uniforms. According to Sandi Gohn's article on USO, that t-shirt has its roots traced from the U.S. military during the World War I. The movie industry then brought t-shirt out and made it a famous trendy outerwear. Now T-shirt occupies a place in almost anybody’s wardrobe. 

There is an array of choices to choose from. The once simple T-shirt is now a must have for every gender. It comes in different designs, types and colors. Styled as a standalone outfit or under your blazer or jacket. It is an integral part of every wardrobe today. Let’s take a moment to familiarize with the types of T-shirts we have. The different types of T-shirts we have are as follows:

1. Basic half sleeve T-shirt
2. Long sleeve Crew neck T-shirts
3. Polo collar t-shirt
4. V-neck t-shirt
5. Wide neck –Off shoulder t-shirts (Girls’)
6. Yoke neck t-shirts (Girls’)
7. Boyfriend t-shirts (Girls’)
8. Douche bag neck t-shirt (Scoop neck)
9. Henley collar T-shirt
10. Baseball Tshirt
11. Raglan sleeve t-shirt – Long sleeve
12. Turtle neck shirt
13. Ringer T – shirt
14. Cap sleeve t-shirt
15. Half Tshirt (Singlet)
16. Muscle Shirt
17. Half Muscle Shirt
18. Longline T-shirt
19. Pocket T-shirt
20. Baby Doll T-shirt.

With this array of varieties, there is a choice for everyone and every need. Print on demand also serves different purposes, ranging from fashion to occasions to promotions and any other purpose not captured here. The good thing about print on demand is, it gives you the opportunity to decide and wear your own design. Fashion lovers prefer print on demand tshirts because they enjoy the sense of control and the expression of their creativity appearing bold on their tees.

Print on demand whether in a bulk or few orders is very satisfying to both parties. It is profitable for the printer because of the fueling passion and for the client if their design is interpreted correctly and perfectly. T-shirts are one of the common and most popular print on demand item especially for the fashion purpose it serves.

So How is POD a Profitable Enterprise?

One of the most profitable print on demand business online is custom tshirts design and sale. This business involves using your creativity to make wonderful and eye catching designs to be printed on plain t shirts before selling to targeted customers. Here you can make money as a designer, a printing company, a sale company or even as an affiliate marketer. The business is a profitable one because it provides a win-win situation for everyone to make passive income once you are consistent. Printing t shirts online can make you money when you have the right tools to use. 

Most website print shirts online for free, all you need do is use your creativity to apply some little tricks and come up with a pretty cool design everyone will like. In case you are still lost on what to do, you can read this article Top 10 best custom tshirt designs that will sell like hot cakes, to know what kind of customized designs to venture into. I hope this article helps?

Top 10 Best Customized T Shirt Designs that Sells like Hot Cakes

Coming up with a great killer custom designs for t shirts that will make multiple sales is one of the most important thing to do when starting a t-shirt designing and printing business. It is well known that, creativity is the bedrock of every outstanding tshirt design. However, this article will discuss the 10 trendy t-shirt designs that never grows out of fashion. These designs are wonderful and can be extensively used to improve your t shirt custom design business. Previously on this blog, we discussed How T-Shirt Design and Printing Business Works. You might want to read that article too if you actually want to this stuff works. 


killer customized t shirt designs


Below are the 10 killer custom designs on t shirts that sell easily like hotcakes. 

1. Customized Art Design

This type of t-shirt design illustrates artistic skills akin to the color, brush and board type of art as seen in the big spill design here. This type of design has been a trendy tea shirt design that sells. Its unique and simple design has caught the heart of many tshirt lovers and has recorded huge patronage both online and offline. 

custom art design

2. 3D Designs

This is an illusion design that looks almost real as seen in the big hand design. It has been a killer design in the market because of its captivating look that leaves on lookers in awe. Be ready to get stares when you wear a 3D tshirt. This design has warmed the hearts of many t shirt lovers and is definitely a killer in the market. 

t shirt 3d design

3. Abstract Design

The abstract design is the type that does not follow a pattern that speaks actual sense or makes a meaning. It can be lines, patterns, shapes, or even a combination of those in no particular order. This t-shirt design has good acceptance and is worn by people who prefer rather “unconventional” types of customized shirt designs. 

customized abstract design

4. Typography Designs

This design focus is mainly on written words with little or no images or photos. The message, slogan or phrase is the focal point and the creativity lies in the font style and arrangement. This design is usually very simple with no complications. It is loved by many and is a hot and trendy design. They are designs mostly used to display or convey a particular message to the public. Especially during campaign, rally, protest, advertisement or outings. They are simple and straight to the point designs that makes a lot of sales when targeting the right audience.

customized t shirt design

5. Graphical Designs

Graphic design comprises of both typography and illustrations. It features images paired with typography. It is a design you can never go wrong with. This particular design is mostly used for party campaigns, burial ceremony, personal anniversary, launching or memorial events towards outstanding personnel.

custoomized t shirt design

6. Patriotic Design

This design usually bears the mark of a country, continent or state. It could be the map or flag of the demography. This design is mostly worn by patriotic citizens and their fans either to show patriotism or love and support for a particular demography. 

patriotic t shirt design

7. Photography Design

This design contains hyper-realistic images with its main focus on photography while text is secondary. The intended image to be customized and printed on the t shirt has to look exactly the same on the tshirt without any alterations. Hence the need to employ the DTG printing method which is the best method for this type of printing. This design is great for birthday tee shirts and has been a trendy choice for occasional or celebratory wears where the image of the celebrant is customized and printed on the t-shirts.

picture custom design


8. Branded Designs

Branded designs basically aims at promoting a brand or product. It usually carries the motto, logo, slogan and other basic information about the brand or product. Printing your brand logo or name on the t shirt is one of the best ways to promote or advertise your brand. below is an example of one of our brand hoodie from this website.

branded custom t shirt design

9. Tie and Dye Designs

This design is very simple. It implores the use of different colored dye and a white plane t shirt. The tshirt is tied in a particular pattern with ropes. The color dyes are dissolved with each color in a separate water and applied to the white tshirt following the pattern and then allowed to stay for some minutes after which, the tshirt is spread and allowed to dry up. It is one of the most common and simple t shirt designs so far. 

tie and die t shirt design

10. Can Spray Paint Design

This particular shirt design requires can spray paint of different colors applied to the tshirts, following any pattern of choice to create an image, lines or series of patterns. This is by far the easiest and cheapest design. Although, it has a non durable disadvantage. 

spray custom t shirt design


So What Kind of T-Shirt Designs Do I Need for my Business Promotion?

T-shirt designs are better kept simple and creative when using them for visible promotion. It is better to avoid a complicated design as a designer. Customers who patronize already designed tees go for designs that speak to them. Designs they can relate to in their personal lives so it’s better to avoid a rather complex design that is difficult to understand. Although, there is a market for complex designs too as other people prefer rather weird designs. T-shirt designs are big deal to t shirt lovers. They mind the words they carry on their clothes so you have to be intentional about your designs as a designer, be it picture design or written words.

So is T-Shirt Design and Printing a Profitable Niche?

People keep asking is t shirt business profitable? the answer is yes. T shirt design is an artistic niche, an art that gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful and unique piece, to speak your mind, your language and boldly carry it around. It is a board that gives you the chance to paint. Yet it is also a placard you carry around which speaks your heart, it also your voice in ink form. The desire to wear tshirts that carry images or words a customer can relate to is what drives them to demand bespoke or print on demand tshirts. As a tshirt designer, it is always good be creative, be intentional, be up to date with trends, be vast in your design ideals and skills, stick to a style that works perfectly for you be it printing or canvas etc. In our next blog post, we shall discuss valuable tutorials and tips you need to learn before making money selling customized tshirts online for free.

Print on Demand Custom T Shirt: How This Business Really Works

Print on demand customized t shirt is one of the long lasting online business that have thrived for a very long period of time. Almost everybody uses t shirts either for fashion, adverts, passing a message or as a unique way of creating identity and awareness in the midst of crowds. It is one thing to customize tshirts or design a t shirt, then another thing to print out the customized designs on the t-shirt. In our previous article on this blog, we already discussed what you should know about custom t shirt designs and sales. Here we shall discuss another interesting topic on the POD business. First, what is print on demand or POD? If this frequently asked, Question comes to your mind at the mention of this topic, then relax. I will take you through the basics on what you need to know about custom print on demand t shirts business.


Print on demand t shirt business

Print on demand custom shirt are shirts that come in the client’s specification. That is, it has their desired inscription, writings, quotations, pictures, logo or badge printed on them. Since we are trying to establish a common ground, we will be answering most of your FAQs in this article. Here I know you might probably be wondering if “print on demand still profitable”? I confidently tell you YES it is. Print on demand customized t-shirts are the new cool business you can easily make steady income. Not everyone likes to wear his or her traditional attire or three-piece suit all the time. Most people with a good fashion sense wants a unique touch of pride when going out with their customized branded t-shirts and jeans trousers. 

You also find answers to the question is t shirt business profitable by reading the article.

Hence, the demand for t-shirts to be customized the way you want it. T-shirts are generally one of the most worn type of clothes; it comfort ability makes it a high demand product across the world, with the styling it can be worn as a corporate or casual outfit. Print on demand shirts are an expression of the consumers, it is an art that gives them a “board” and “oil on canvas” to paint their expressions. If you are contemplating what print on demand products to sell, it is easy. There are a lot of print on demand products out there. Print on demand is not limited to shirts; bed sheets, pillow cases, mugs, table mats, doormats, laptop covers, smartphone case etc are also print on demand products.

Print on demand products are a new trend, that is why people like to have their faces on their pillows or their expression inscribed on their mugs, this works perfectly for gift items on any occasion and has received a high demand over time especially from developed countries.


Print on Demand Business and How it Works

This business involves a manufacturer or supplier that has plain products where a client demands supply of it in a particular specification; the products are customized to the specification of the client before delivery is made. In other cases, the manufacturer or supplier might have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) that is the least number of products they are willing to sell per order. This happens mostly with large quantity producers and the client must meet the demand of the supplier before business is done. A client can also demand for specific print on demand custom products of different types in large quantity and resell. Although this does not connote that print on demand can only be done in large quantity. It can also be done in small quantities with the ultimate goal of designing to suit the needs of the consumers.


Below are things to note in Print on Demand Custom Made t-shirt Business.

1. Finding a Niche: Finding a good niche that is profitable is one of the best things to consider when starting a print on demand business. There are many niches in the business but finding a particular one to venture into will gain you more profit and visibility than selecting a bunch of niches to start with. You can either go for tees, mugs, caps, apparels, backpack, handbag, hoodies, stickers, iPhone case etc. Just make sure you select one or a few in other to succeed in the POD business. 


2. Get your Store: Having a store ready either online or offline is one of the prerequisite for running a POD business. As a merchant or a promoter, you surely need to own a store for your POD business to thrive. You can rent an offline shop or create an eCommerce merchant website on wordpress or even a store from shopify. 


3. Get Reliable Suppliers: As a POD merchant, you need a good and reliable supplier to run your business comfortably. What happens when you get t-shirts orders but your supplier failed to supply these shirts on time? It results to late deliveries to your customers, which is not good for your business as a merch. If you have competitors who delivers in time, they are surely going to kick you out of business. 


4. Promotion: Every business needs promotion to gain more exposure and audience. If you don’t promote your business or services, no one knows you exist. Both offline and online promotions works well for your business exposure. 


5. On Time Delivery: This is key in print on demand t-shirt business, it is worthy of note that some of the demands serve a need other than fashion. It is in many cases needed for different types of occasions like birthday parties, pre-wedding photo shoots, burials, NGOs, awareness rallies, anniversaries, political rallies etc since this occasions have a date to it, it is best to deliver on the agreed date otherwise the aim is defeated and note also that a happy client equals more referrals. 


6. Due Diligence: This is a very important virtue in print on demand t-shirt business. Getting the client’s exact request is as important as printing same. This virtue is lacking in many business owners today, that is why you see terrible pictures of “What i ordered VS What i got” on the internet. Attention to details cannot be overemphasized in print on demand custom business as every details needs to be put on check before printing commence. 


3. Capital: Print on demand t-shirt business does not necessarily demand huge capital, this largely depends on what scale you want to start, Small or Large scale. Print on demand business is one of the most satisfactory business if done rightly, it is aimed at satisfying the consumer in which case is a win-win both seller and consumer are satisfied. However, every business has its risk and challenges and here are a few challenges to note. 


Challenges you Can Experience in Print on Demand Business.

1. Increased cost of materials: We all know the present state of prices in the market, this unusual inflation has not spared any item and this includes print on demand T-shirt materials. 


2. Handling and Bad Roads: Distance is no longer a challenge in the present day business as more logistics companies are springing up by the day to bridge the gap, however fragile print on demand products like ceramic mugs and plates can be quite challenging conveying to long distances in one piece if not properly handled. In other cases, it would be handled with care but the state of our roads might pose a challenge to the safe arrival of these fragile products due to bumpy rides in case of other products. Wherever in the case of custom-made T-shirts this challenge is minimal as shirts are not fragile products. 

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3. Short Deadlines: Clients are the core of print on demand custom business. However,  some clients can pose as a challenge because, they do not understand the gravity of work put into customizing products or the processes involved in delivering a perfect job they tend to give unrealistic deadlines thereby putting pressure on the business owners. In most cases, the client places the order close to the needed date due to circumstances beyond their control but these results to sleepless nights or overtime on the part of the business owners in which case some clients do not acknowledge or pay extra for it.

In conclusion, print on demand or POD customized t-shirt business is a worthwhile opportunity to create steady income. Although, this article might not capture all the intricacies of the business, it encapsulate how the business works and the basic ideas to know as well. No business has its client needs more prioritized than print on demand custom business, it gives the client a say, it gives them the opportunity to decide the specification of their wears, and for a client nothing feels better than this. One thing we need to understand about POD business is that, it has come to stay and you can venture into this business either as a merchant or as an affiliate and make some money. 


All you need to do is finding a profitable niche, build an audience for your niche and advertise good designs to them, then watch the sales coming in numbers. In our subsequent articles here on, we shall be exposing some of the tips you need to excel in print on demand customized t shirt business. Thanks for reading.

Custom T-Shirt Designs and Sales: What you Should Know About This Business

Custom t-shirt designs are simply customized t shirts designed to suit the need of the customer. Custom printed tshirts are timeless fashion pieces that are always in vogue, as the demand for t-shirts generally have increased over the years because of new styles of dressing and wears. T-shirt can be a casual or corporate outfit and that largely depends on the styling. For example, t shirt worn on jeans and palms is casual whereas the same tshirt worn on blazers and shoes changes the style from casual to a more corporate look. In one of my post on this blog, i discussed the print on demand products that sells quickly and you should read it too. While in this article, we shall be discussing what you need to know about custom design t shirts and how easy it is to advertise your customized designs and make money.

custom t-shirt design sales

What is Custom T Shirt Design?

Custom t-shirts are the coolest fashion item in trend because of the uniqueness and the sense of a great fashionista it gives the designer, and the creativity aspect of it cannot be ignored either. This is because, it requires a great level of creativity to customize tshirts especially ones that will be admired by many, because in a situation where the tshirt is not a bespoke order the customer depend on your creativity to look fashionable.

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Custom T Shirt Sales Tips you Should Use to Make Profit
Customized t-shirt sales on the other hand, is the business aspect of this creativity, if you are not customizing for fun or personal use then it should be for gain and that is where business comes in view. The first thing to do to get sales for your custom tshirts is publicity, which can also be termed as advertisement. This can be done in several ways, a few which will be mentioned below. 


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1. Modelling: 

This is the most popular type of advertisement used by designers. This type of advertising involves getting people with the right physique for the intended tshirt to wear them for a photoshoot. It could be either male or female mannequin since t-shirts are unisex wears. Your photographer should be as good as your model, in a case where your physique is good enough for the tshirts you can also be your own model as well instead of using mannequin. This will cost you less and save money at the same time. 

After the modelling shoot, the pictures can be displayed on printed banners, TV or even social media, the latter has been a great tool for advertising in recent years hence the most used platform. Modelling advertisement is not limited to online, it can be done offline and pays a great deal, although the social media tool has an edge over the offline modelling because it reaches a wide range of people across the globe without borders but using the two types of modelling will not be a bad idea I guess. Therefore, the more strategies employed the more customers and the better conversion rate.


2. Offline Store: 

This involves a physical shop where shirts are displayed for potential buyers to patronize. Selling customized t shirts on offline stores is also one of the conventional ways to make sales and earn great profits.


3. Website Outlets: 

This method of sales is a more advanced way of advertising. A website is developed which serves as an online shop, the tshirts are displayed on the site for patronage, could be in the graphic design form of it or a modeled picture. In a case of further increasing traffic to your website for better patronage, you might have to pay for your website to be featured among the top results when people search the internet. This is another fast way of selling your customized t shirts designs to customers.

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4. Influencing Personnel:

This is an advertising strategy that works mostly on social media in this strategy a public figure or anyone with huge social media followers, has to wear your customized tshirt, take a picture and post on their social media handle and acknowledge you (the designer) or wear it offline, this pulls traffic from their fans and associates. This method of sales too works as the fans of such celebrities would like to purchase their products or any t shirt customized designs they wore. 


How to Customize and Print your Tshirt Designs at Home

In conclusion, custom t-shirt designs and sales are one of the greatest combination to make money both online and offline. What you need to know is that, you will need a good and attractive customized design printed on your t shirt. Bring traffic to these t shirt designs by advertising and then keep the sales rolling in. In our next article on this blog, we shall discuss a tutorial on how print on demand customized T-Shirt Business works. For those who are interested in venturing into this profitable t shirt business, catch you in our next post.