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Print on Demand Custom T Shirt: How This Business Really Works

Print on demand customized t shirt is one of the long lasting online business that have thrived for a very long period of time. Almost everybody uses t shirts either for fashion, adverts, passing a message or as a unique way of creating identity and awareness in the midst of crowds. It is one thing to customize tshirts or design a t shirt, then another thing to print out the customized designs on the t-shirt. In our previous article on this blog, we already discussed what you should know about custom t shirt designs and sales. Here we shall discuss another interesting topic on the POD business. First, what is print on demand or POD? If this frequently asked, Question comes to your mind at the mention of this topic, then relax. I will take you through the basics on what you need to know about custom print on demand t shirts business.


Print on demand t shirt business

Print on demand custom shirt are shirts that come in the client’s specification. That is, it has their desired inscription, writings, quotations, pictures, logo or badge printed on them. Since we are trying to establish a common ground, we will be answering most of your FAQs in this article. Here I know you might probably be wondering if “print on demand still profitable”? I confidently tell you YES it is. Print on demand customized t-shirts are the new cool business you can easily make steady income. Not everyone likes to wear his or her traditional attire or three-piece suit all the time. Most people with a good fashion sense wants a unique touch of pride when going out with their customized branded t-shirts and jeans trousers. 

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Hence, the demand for t-shirts to be customized the way you want it. T-shirts are generally one of the most worn type of clothes; it comfort ability makes it a high demand product across the world, with the styling it can be worn as a corporate or casual outfit. Print on demand shirts are an expression of the consumers, it is an art that gives them a “board” and “oil on canvas” to paint their expressions. If you are contemplating what print on demand products to sell, it is easy. There are a lot of print on demand products out there. Print on demand is not limited to shirts; bed sheets, pillow cases, mugs, table mats, doormats, laptop covers, smartphone case etc are also print on demand products.

Print on demand products are a new trend, that is why people like to have their faces on their pillows or their expression inscribed on their mugs, this works perfectly for gift items on any occasion and has received a high demand over time especially from developed countries.


Print on Demand Business and How it Works

This business involves a manufacturer or supplier that has plain products where a client demands supply of it in a particular specification; the products are customized to the specification of the client before delivery is made. In other cases, the manufacturer or supplier might have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) that is the least number of products they are willing to sell per order. This happens mostly with large quantity producers and the client must meet the demand of the supplier before business is done. A client can also demand for specific print on demand custom products of different types in large quantity and resell. Although this does not connote that print on demand can only be done in large quantity. It can also be done in small quantities with the ultimate goal of designing to suit the needs of the consumers.


Below are things to note in Print on Demand Custom Made t-shirt Business.

1. Finding a Niche: Finding a good niche that is profitable is one of the best things to consider when starting a print on demand business. There are many niches in the business but finding a particular one to venture into will gain you more profit and visibility than selecting a bunch of niches to start with. You can either go for tees, mugs, caps, apparels, backpack, handbag, hoodies, stickers, iPhone case etc. Just make sure you select one or a few in other to succeed in the POD business. 


2. Get your Store: Having a store ready either online or offline is one of the prerequisite for running a POD business. As a merchant or a promoter, you surely need to own a store for your POD business to thrive. You can rent an offline shop or create an eCommerce merchant website on wordpress or even a store from shopify. 


3. Get Reliable Suppliers: As a POD merchant, you need a good and reliable supplier to run your business comfortably. What happens when you get t-shirts orders but your supplier failed to supply these shirts on time? It results to late deliveries to your customers, which is not good for your business as a merch. If you have competitors who delivers in time, they are surely going to kick you out of business. 


4. Promotion: Every business needs promotion to gain more exposure and audience. If you don’t promote your business or services, no one knows you exist. Both offline and online promotions works well for your business exposure. 


5. On Time Delivery: This is key in print on demand t-shirt business, it is worthy of note that some of the demands serve a need other than fashion. It is in many cases needed for different types of occasions like birthday parties, pre-wedding photo shoots, burials, NGOs, awareness rallies, anniversaries, political rallies etc since this occasions have a date to it, it is best to deliver on the agreed date otherwise the aim is defeated and note also that a happy client equals more referrals. 


6. Due Diligence: This is a very important virtue in print on demand t-shirt business. Getting the client’s exact request is as important as printing same. This virtue is lacking in many business owners today, that is why you see terrible pictures of “What i ordered VS What i got” on the internet. Attention to details cannot be overemphasized in print on demand custom business as every details needs to be put on check before printing commence. 


3. Capital: Print on demand t-shirt business does not necessarily demand huge capital, this largely depends on what scale you want to start, Small or Large scale. Print on demand business is one of the most satisfactory business if done rightly, it is aimed at satisfying the consumer in which case is a win-win both seller and consumer are satisfied. However, every business has its risk and challenges and here are a few challenges to note. 


Challenges you Can Experience in Print on Demand Business.

1. Increased cost of materials: We all know the present state of prices in the market, this unusual inflation has not spared any item and this includes print on demand T-shirt materials. 


2. Handling and Bad Roads: Distance is no longer a challenge in the present day business as more logistics companies are springing up by the day to bridge the gap, however fragile print on demand products like ceramic mugs and plates can be quite challenging conveying to long distances in one piece if not properly handled. In other cases, it would be handled with care but the state of our roads might pose a challenge to the safe arrival of these fragile products due to bumpy rides in case of other products. Wherever in the case of custom-made T-shirts this challenge is minimal as shirts are not fragile products. 

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3. Short Deadlines: Clients are the core of print on demand custom business. However,  some clients can pose as a challenge because, they do not understand the gravity of work put into customizing products or the processes involved in delivering a perfect job they tend to give unrealistic deadlines thereby putting pressure on the business owners. In most cases, the client places the order close to the needed date due to circumstances beyond their control but these results to sleepless nights or overtime on the part of the business owners in which case some clients do not acknowledge or pay extra for it.

In conclusion, print on demand or POD customized t-shirt business is a worthwhile opportunity to create steady income. Although, this article might not capture all the intricacies of the business, it encapsulate how the business works and the basic ideas to know as well. No business has its client needs more prioritized than print on demand custom business, it gives the client a say, it gives them the opportunity to decide the specification of their wears, and for a client nothing feels better than this. One thing we need to understand about POD business is that, it has come to stay and you can venture into this business either as a merchant or as an affiliate and make some money. 


All you need to do is finding a profitable niche, build an audience for your niche and advertise good designs to them, then watch the sales coming in numbers. In our subsequent articles here on, we shall be exposing some of the tips you need to excel in print on demand customized t shirt business. Thanks for reading.

Custom T-Shirt Designs and Sales: What you Should Know About This Business

Custom t-shirt designs are simply customized t shirts designed to suit the need of the customer. Custom printed tshirts are timeless fashion pieces that are always in vogue, as the demand for t-shirts generally have increased over the years because of new styles of dressing and wears. T-shirt can be a casual or corporate outfit and that largely depends on the styling. For example, t shirt worn on jeans and palms is casual whereas the same tshirt worn on blazers and shoes changes the style from casual to a more corporate look. In one of my post on this blog, i discussed the print on demand products that sells quickly and you should read it too. While in this article, we shall be discussing what you need to know about custom design t shirts and how easy it is to advertise your customized designs and make money.

custom t-shirt design sales

What is Custom T Shirt Design?

Custom t-shirts are the coolest fashion item in trend because of the uniqueness and the sense of a great fashionista it gives the designer, and the creativity aspect of it cannot be ignored either. This is because, it requires a great level of creativity to customize tshirts especially ones that will be admired by many, because in a situation where the tshirt is not a bespoke order the customer depend on your creativity to look fashionable.

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Custom T Shirt Sales Tips you Should Use to Make Profit
Customized t-shirt sales on the other hand, is the business aspect of this creativity, if you are not customizing for fun or personal use then it should be for gain and that is where business comes in view. The first thing to do to get sales for your custom tshirts is publicity, which can also be termed as advertisement. This can be done in several ways, a few which will be mentioned below. 


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1. Modelling: 

This is the most popular type of advertisement used by designers. This type of advertising involves getting people with the right physique for the intended tshirt to wear them for a photoshoot. It could be either male or female mannequin since t-shirts are unisex wears. Your photographer should be as good as your model, in a case where your physique is good enough for the tshirts you can also be your own model as well instead of using mannequin. This will cost you less and save money at the same time. 

After the modelling shoot, the pictures can be displayed on printed banners, TV or even social media, the latter has been a great tool for advertising in recent years hence the most used platform. Modelling advertisement is not limited to online, it can be done offline and pays a great deal, although the social media tool has an edge over the offline modelling because it reaches a wide range of people across the globe without borders but using the two types of modelling will not be a bad idea I guess. Therefore, the more strategies employed the more customers and the better conversion rate.


2. Offline Store: 

This involves a physical shop where shirts are displayed for potential buyers to patronize. Selling customized t shirts on offline stores is also one of the conventional ways to make sales and earn great profits.


3. Website Outlets: 

This method of sales is a more advanced way of advertising. A website is developed which serves as an online shop, the tshirts are displayed on the site for patronage, could be in the graphic design form of it or a modeled picture. In a case of further increasing traffic to your website for better patronage, you might have to pay for your website to be featured among the top results when people search the internet. This is another fast way of selling your customized t shirts designs to customers.

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4. Influencing Personnel:

This is an advertising strategy that works mostly on social media in this strategy a public figure or anyone with huge social media followers, has to wear your customized tshirt, take a picture and post on their social media handle and acknowledge you (the designer) or wear it offline, this pulls traffic from their fans and associates. This method of sales too works as the fans of such celebrities would like to purchase their products or any t shirt customized designs they wore. 


How to Customize and Print your Tshirt Designs at Home

In conclusion, custom t-shirt designs and sales are one of the greatest combination to make money both online and offline. What you need to know is that, you will need a good and attractive customized design printed on your t shirt. Bring traffic to these t shirt designs by advertising and then keep the sales rolling in. In our next article on this blog, we shall discuss a tutorial on how print on demand customized T-Shirt Business works. For those who are interested in venturing into this profitable t shirt business, catch you in our next post.